I came a long way from blogger

August 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

Hey everybody, let me introduce myself. I’m Adam Bedstroke and the leading blogger for this site in the style of comedic movie reviews (along with comics, television and maybe porn). I’m fit, take long walks from the beach and… oh wait, that was from some personal profile. So in truth, I’m just an average reviewer and previous posted reviews on the blogger site of the same name. In the coming weeks, I’ve reposted my old material (some are updated) before I’m at the point of reviewing the first review. Just to give you a sneek of what’s to come – here’s the following list:

* That Guy With The Glasses Film Club reviews (reviewing movies presented by members of the TGWTG forum)

* Asylum Seeker reviews (reviewing both the movies released by The Asylum and mockbuster movies done by other company)

* Just A Harmless Attack (an mini-series focusing on my rage against what’s happening on the world today – there’s my point-of-view on Twilight, social networking sites, reality shows and recently-released Dance Movies)

* Anything Else in particular

I’m also in the process of making video reviews but it’ll take an while to do that kinda process and hopefully will done perfecto. Well, I’m done with the introduction so these are the starting words from the guy who got confused Mad Max to be known as “The Road Warrior” (yeah, there will an movie review on that). Oh, and if you wanna request – my email is francisdarko@ymail.com so I look forward to be hearing it from you.


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