TGWTG Film Club #2: Mad Max

September 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

NOTE: After the time of this writing, I made a goof and thinking The Road Warrior is the first Mad Max movie rather than the second which is also known as ”Mad Max II: The Road Warrior”. I apologise for the confusion of this review and even made an apology on the ”OMG, I Made A Total Mistake” post so yeah… everybody makes mistake and this is one of mine.

Since I’m an Australian-born critic then I’m here to talk about the thing known as ”Ozploitation” and… It’s best to see Not Quite Hollywood because I hardly seen any Ozploitation movies. Other than this classic franchise, the only movie of the genre I seen happens to be Patrick and that’s about it. Oh, Don’t worry… I did see several Aussie movies from time to time but hardly in ozploitation genre.

NOW on to the Road Warrior or as we say in downunder ”Mad Max” or ”Max Max, the Road Warrior”, this movie is the first of three (so far) post-apocalyptic ozploitation saga that everybody knows except one thing… the first movie isn’t really post-apocalyptic. No seriously, some people say Mad Max takes place in Australia after an apocalyptic event. True, if you meant the next two movies but the first actually takes place while the event is still happening.

We meet Max Rockatansky played by a famous Australian actor known as Mel Gibson (even though he’s born in New York but let’s not get ahead with ourselves). You see, Max is a highway police officer who hunts down nearby gangs through graphic car chase sequences. He is also a family man on the first movie but it’s a ozploitation movie so something unthinkable is gonna happen.

Mad Max… looking Madder than before

The antagonist in this movie is known as Toecutter and his gang that remains nameless so I could make fun of his gang names throughout the review and Toecutter himself is pissed off about the death of his gang member Nightrider so what do they do? They vandalise the towns while Max and the other highway police officers is not around as well as stealing oil and that’s about it. Max them became disillusional with his police force that he resigns his job and spend time with his family several miles outside his hometown.

What’s next? A gang leader known as Sugartits (apologies with females and anybody that’s been called that name by Mel Gibson himself)

And then we get to the point when Toecutter and the Fingercuffers vandalise the town that Max happens to stay in including attempts to rape Max’s wife and with the attempt failed, how about killing her… oh, and also their only child.

With his family dead, Max is now Mad tuned up to 11 (Sorry, I can’t find any angry Mad Max picture but it is kinda funny to put the pictures of him not looking mad)

While it’s too late for Max to stop Toecutter and the Goldfinders, Max then became a vigilante with nothing to lose and gained his revenge by killing off Toecutter and the Middlefingers (that’s it, I’m done with the gang names) and left him to wander on the outback while the crazy shit is happening. The End.

This movie is indeed a cult classic and while there’s a fourth one coming (with or without Mel Gibson, no less), who knows if it’s gonna be good. Though I’ve been wondering what kind of apocalypse is taken place in Mad Max universe.

Well, Al I know is there’s an fan-made speculated timeline (the link is on below) which explains Mad Max takes place in 2000 (or in George Miller’s case, a few years after the release of the first one) and in few years time, there’s an ”Oil War Apocalypse” which involves empty oceans, nuclear holocausts and no mentioning of Lady Gaga, Twitter and the Twilight Saga. So take that, Generation Y.

I’m actually 25 and that classify me as Gen-Y material so my bad on that. Yes, that’s my third apology.

While it is just a speculation except the empty ocean part which if you seen ”Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome” where there’s a shot of Sydney shown, let’s leave it at that then. I also found out there’s an children’s picture book on the third movie and I seem to remember owning it once. I’m not kidding, an kid-made pictional adaptation of the third movie which is based on the first and second movie that contains scenes of violence and gore exists. I’m pretty sure it cost a hundred bucks on ebay by now.

Not only that, one of my parents used to own this book at the same time I got Beyond Thunderdome. The 80s are so weird and wonderful.

So if you wanna see Mad Max (or the Road Warrior), just see the non-dubbed version or see the dubbed version while smoking a joint and playing a drinking game. Oh, and who cares about Mel Gibson’s recent controversies involving racism, sexism, alcoholism and anything else. He is fucking Mad Max and also he’s Riggs because he’s crazy.

In the meaning, here’s the website of the timeline ( and in addition a clip from The Chaser’s War on Everything that’s inspired by Mel’s drunken stages:

So until I’m getting a copy of The Brothers Bloom and The Talented Mr Ripley, I’m gonna go beyond this review… Beyond Thunderdome, no less.

1) This is my fourth apology so there you go and 2) I’m pretty sure the progress is passed so the joke is already failed in a million places. Damn, I suck.



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