TGWTG Film Club Review #3: The Brothers Bloom

September 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

The Brothers Bloom… Not Starring Orlando But At Least Miranda Kerr Dreams About It.

After the week of mishap that was “The Road Warrior“, I’m moving on from the shenanigans and get on to my third review known as The Brothers Bloom, which is a second directorial feature by Rian Johnson. Before I Start, I got two things to write – one is that the movie is released last year so despite the recent times, I won’t spoil you the endings and twist and another thing is I was a fan of his earlier film known as Brick which involves Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a high school student doing detective work involving the death of his girlfriend played by Emilie De Ravin. Heck, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is pretty awesome in any movie I have seen (as well as 3rd Rock From The Sun).

Yes, I also seen Mysterious Skin and At least I find it enjoyable despite the controversial context like that Aliens Kidnapping plot.

Now on to this movie, The story involves two Bloom brothers – Bloom and Stephen (Oh Great, It’s the Super Mario Brothers Routine Again) who along with sometimes silent-but-indeed deadly friend “Bang Bang” do the usual conning stuff involving stealing cash before they sometimes get caught. Their latest mission is to use Penelope Stamp (played by the hot, hot actress Rachel Weisz) as a mark to get more cash while getting involved with ”The Curator” and ”Diamond Dog” (hopefully not based upon a David Bowie album title with an additional ”S” involved). With Penelope involved, I can’t tell if her breakdancing and other skills she used is by either Rachel Weisz herself or some girly haired dude like what happened on Flashdance but anyway. Oh shit, I had drawn a blank (meaning I got nothing to say) and it’s because of Rachel Weisz.

Oh Rachel Weisz, You Can ”Mummified” Me Anytime.

Okay, back to the movie. She did fall to the plan by stealing a fake book and so on and so far, I can’t tell you no more of the story so it’s better if you see it. What do I describe the movie is as if Wes Anderson had a drunken night out with a female version of Michel Gondry and created an lovechild that is almost an perfect Auteur film. It has great scenery, good soundtrack with Bob Dylan and Cat Stevens and surprising twists near the end. If Rian is trying to be an Auteur storyteller, it’s working so far and he might succeed with it further with his next film called Looper (think Bruce Willis and Joseph in a time-travelling thriller… Sweet!). Next week is another TGWTG review involving The Talented Mr Ripley and sadly, I don’t have a copy of the film (nor do I have a copy of Ripley’s Game and three other movies that I didn’t know of that has Tom Ripley as a character) so I look for a different kind of movie to review so I won’t spoil you that until then. At least the week after that involves Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt and their involvement in another Gillian masterpiece known as 12 Monkeys so that’s all I got for now.

Dennis Hopper as Thomas Ripley and hopefully set during the 70s… I Must Track This Down Immediately.


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