TGWTG Film Club #1: The Life Of Brian

September 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

Over the years, we get several movies focusing on Jesus Christ’s life that is either controversial or almost definitive. From The Last Temptation Of Christ to Mel Gibson’s bloody take on The Passion of the Christ. Hey, even there’s a Buddy Christ in the View Askewniverse Catholicism. I, myself a catholic am not really offended with those movies that is considered ”blasphemous” and so on. I can take those movies that translates Jesus Christ as either a Buddy, a Vampire Hunter or sadly enough a guy betrayed by the then-future Dracula himself, Gerald Butler.

Now, Monty Python’s The Life of Brian is one of those loose adaptations with one problem: Jesus Christ isn’t the main character on this comedy masterpiece, instead we get a naughty boy known as Brian who is not only born on the same day of the son of God but lives nearby, amongst few others in Jerusalem so who knows? Maybe the three wise man being to other places and considered the female child ”Jessie” to be the daughter of God before they say ”Never Mind? The real child of god is next door”. So how does this movie that became blasphemous to many religions that involves Jesus even if he’s not really featured as main character of the movie. Who cares because Monty Python is the best Gentleman’s comedy club and they can do anything.

Whoops! I forgot about this Python Girl… and John Cleese’s ex-wife.

This movie focuses on Brian Cohen (played by the late, great Graham Chapman) as he lives within thirty years of his life in Jerusalem. At that point of time, he became attracted to the rebellious Judith (played by Sue Jones-Davies) and it leads him to join the P.F.J. (also known as The Peoples’ Front of Judea) which includes few other pythons as members. To be a full member of the group, he must make graffiti in the wall to the governor’s palace and it became funny when one of the Romans want him to write ”Romans, go home” approximately 100 times before the other Romans noticed his mischief. He escapes of course and later participate on another assignment which involves kidnapping. However, he later got captured and taken to Pontius Pilate who then he makes a mention of the name ”Biggus Dickus” which is freaking funny enough that Brian escapes from the laughable roman soldiers.

After he tries to find places to hide, he somehow entered the alien spacecraft (on the time of the Bible, no less) which involves travelling to the stars and back before he returns to Jerusalem and became the next, best messiah later on without a mention of him being abducted by the aliens within the rest of the story.

At least this moment was better than the others.

After he became considered by others as the messiah and create a new league of followers and he keeps convincing them that he’s not the son of god (no, he’s just a very naughty boy) and getting away from his ”followers”, he runs into Judith and decides to do it like they do on the discovery channel. A day later, the followers caught up with him in front of his house. Seriously, how do they know where he lives… I mean, that’s a mystery that should be solved. Oh, and the funny part is that that the followers saw Brian in a birthday suit. Well, in some Jesus movie adaptations like the Last Temptation, some Jerusalem locals see JC in a birthday suit so… I got nothing.

He later got captured by the Romans again and he is scheduled for a Crucifixion. Now, Pontius Pilate and yes, there’s a Biggus Dickus involved in this movie makes a decision on who should be pardoned after many insane moments involving Biggus having speech impediment issues, there’s more laughter and it is that funny.

Brian is then released but there’s a problem and in a scene parodied from Stanley Kubrick’s Spartacus… well, you get that part of other people about to be crucified shouting ”I am Brian and I’m a very naughty boy” (Okay, that is the last time I’m using the almighty words of Brian’s mom) and a downer ending to Brian happens when he is crucified but don’t worry Eric Idle also has his character crucified and leads to this classic Monty Python called ”Always Looked On The Bright Side Of Life” and that is how the movie intended to end, with this hilarious song.

I’m such a fan of Monty Python that I liked this movie along with ”Monty Python and the Holy Grail” (and few others) and even if it is considered ”blasphemous”, it’s actually harmless and watchable with your family, your friends. Even a drinking game can make this watchable. And to end this review, here’s something completely different:
Monty Python’s Flying Queen By MadMixMustang



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