Wild, Wonderful World Of Weird Licensed Comics

September 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

Since we the comic fanatics are fascinated with Atop The Fourth Wall with bad-to-weird comic stories to prove ”Does this Suck?”. There are a whole lot more to be told by fellow reviewers and since I don’t have five of the weirdest licensed comic books ever made. I do have one below…
I actually own this. Why? Because it’s the funniest parody since Barack the [insert-name] idea.

So here’s the weird, the wonderful and the fucked-up comics that actually made it to the newsstands, comic stores and online:

Ape Nation
How about this idea for a crossover – Planet Of The Apes and Alien Nation. I mean, think of it. There’s no POTA movie (prior to the comic crossover) since 1973 and Alien Nation is so famous at that time that after a then-successful movie, there’s a television series that got cancelled after 22 episodes. You know what? That sounds fucking brilliant so greenlight that shit before we see an Married With Children/The Simpsons crossover.

Damn You, Damn You All To Hell?” Yeah, I got nothing.

The Backstreet Project
Here’s something that doesn’t make completely sense – An Backstreet Boys license webisodes that’s written by Stan ”The Man” Lee. Say that ten more times and see if you’re still dreaming. Just when you thought there was Nightcat, there’s this and beyond the web-animation, you can even get it in printed form. A story about a superpowered manufactured boy band as told by the guy who created the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man and even Ravage 2099. Wow, this is one episode of Atop The Fourth Wall that I’m looking forward to.

Since this comic is co-created by Stan Lee and Nick Carter, I Must Say… Wait A Minute, THE BACKSTREET BOYS ARE FICTIONAL!

Clive Barker’s Hellraiser/Nightbreed: Jihad
Yes, there is a crossover between two of Clive Barker’s notable works – Hellraiser and Nightbreed. Maybe, Marvel was trying to contained every Clive Barker’s stories set in the same continuity (like that latter Razorline imprint that has superheroes/villains created by Clive himself) but despite not reading this yet, this sounds like a stupid crossover idea I ever heard. And yet, I haven’t seen Nightbreed either. What surprises me is that Marvel is now doing Stephen King works like The Dark Tower, The Stand and N. So if Marvel went crazy like they did on ”One More Day” and decide to think of a crossover, I would like to see Stephen King’s The Dead Zone/The Lawnmower Man. Why? Because John Smith might have the guts to stop the all-powerful Jobe. Oh wait? They might meant The Lawnmower Man based on an actual Stephen King story and not the loose adaptation.

Recommended For Clive Barker Fans, Hellraiser Fans And… Post-9/11 Terrorists!!!

New Kids On The Block
Now I strangely have a soft spot for the NKOTB and it’s because I was a dumb under-10 kid obsess with the band and surprisingly I still do – well except during their Reunion era. Yeah, NKOTB with Ne-Yo sounds like Twilight meets Hammer Horror’s Dracula franchise. And guess how many of their comic book is printed – 49 of them and here’s the thing, three of them involves a crossover with Richie Rich, three of them involves a crossover with Wendy and one is printed by Kidz comics. Now you been wondering why there isn’t much Harvey comics on today’s new release shelfs. Well, the reason with NKOTB in comic form is from the animated series itself so for those who thinks NKOTB are the next Beatles – say that to the 90’s kid (or late 80s girl).

WHOA! I just thought this NKOTB art is drawn by Mike Allred for a second!

Six-String Samurai
I seen this independent movie that blends Spaghetti Western with alternate history scenario – a perfect story of a ”Buddy Holly” teaming up with an annoying kid on their travel to Las Vegas to take over as the King after Elvis Presley died. And when I checked Wikipedia? I was fucking excited. However, it is a one-shot co-written (and penciled) by the controversial Rob Liefeld. Of fuck, an continuation done by an guy who swipes various art and can’t even draw feet most of the time. There must be an better comic book sequel than this Awesome item.

Remember Awesome Entertainment used to be that ”Awesome”? Well, maybe when Alan Moore was involved.

So there goes my choices of weird licensed-comics I have ever seen. There will be more soon but in the meantime, here’s one more screencaption…

”Harvey Rockomics featuring New Kids On The Block”… It’s so ”New” that it’s been over twenty years since they first formed.


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