TGWTG Film Club Review #5: A Serious Man

September 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

It’s pretty obvious that I’m yet another movie buff but here’s the thing: I haven’t seen all of Roman Polanski and it’s not because of his charges against an underage girl… it’s because I haven’t got the time to see The Pianist or Rosemary’s Baby. Heck, The only Sidney Lumit films I seen are Network and Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead. And Surprisingly I haven’t seen movies that stars Ronald Reagan but I do know he played an US President decades before he actually succeeds as one. I’m the kinda critic who has the average movie buff knowledge. And you already knew about my Mad Max/Road Warrior mistake. So now comes the Coens Brothers directorial works. Believe it or not, I actually seen all their movies from their debut feature Blood Simple through this movie. Not only that, I even seen Crime Wave and it’s produced by them.

Joel & Ethan Coen: Making us believe that Fargo was a true story since 1996.

Since we getting to A Serious Man, It’s another Coens movie that doesn’t seem like the Coens themselves had made it despite no George Clooney starring role and no cameos with Bruce Campbell or Frances McDonald. Though I like to see a Coens movie with Bruce Campbell in a starring role. One Day, It will happen.

A Coens Brothers movie with Ash in a main starring performance, It must happen! It must!

Like The Brothers Bloom, This movie is recently released and that means no spoilers and plot twist for another year or so. The movie sets in Minnesota in 1967 and focuses on Larry Gopnik (Michael Stuhlbarg) who’s facing his mid-life crisis situation that involves his Wife leaving him for another man while his brother (played by Spin City‘s Richard Kind and a good performance here) is slacking off like he has no job and no place to live. Meanwhile, Larry’s son is also in a situation of avoiding him being bullied before of the money that he borrowed for his high times with marijuana.

Larry Gopnik is secretly played by Jason Lee but the Coens can get away with everything (Yeah, I can’t think of a good joke on the only actual screencaption from the movie itself so sue me).

While Larry’s life is fucked at this point, He is seeking his Rabbi priest in order to get a divorce but ended up with two other priests that he don’t find suitable for the divorce situation, including one played by Simon Helberg (best known on ”The Big Bang Theory”). And while this movie involves what the Jewish life was like in the 60s generation, there’s deaths, a dream sequence (I blamed the Oscars for thinking that was real in a 2009 movie montage) and bizarre scene with Larry’s son and the Rabbi priest which involves the meaning of… well, you have to see it.

The truth about ”The Meaning of Life”: The title of an 1980s sketch comedy movie starring six well-known British comics. No seriously, The cast of Monty Python are gods amongst all comedians.

What’s strange about this movie more is the prologue that doesn’t seem to be related to the story other than the Jewish connections so it felt like the Coens made their own ”Big Lipped Alligator” moment so it is a first and I know because I seen all the Coens movies.

Coming soon from the Coens Brothers: A Cereal Man starring Al Gore… and Man-Bear-Pig!

To sum it all up, this movie is okay and good to watch along with The Ladykillers, Raising Arizona and well, Intolerable Cruelty (which to me is the least-favorite of all Coens movies) and fun for a drinking game. So here’s to the first Coens movie with brand new cast (other than Richard Kind and Simon Helberg) and drink it up because their next feature, True Grit is on the way. Before I done, I’m gonna review an non-TGWTG Film Club movie next week because I don’t have a copy of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels which is one of Guy Richie’s best so I have to suffer myself with something awful and bad.

So freaking what? I seen parts of ”Who’s Nailin’ Paylin?” and to be truthful, Dick Cheney does the shooting of this movie (and no, I don’t know how I put this image which is unrelated to the movie that I’ve just reviewed).


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