Just A Harmless Attack: Introduction

September 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

What does this thing have to do with the movies I’m reviewing and other articles? Well, I know that elsewhere online we have a neverending group of fans arguing about ”Who Shoots First?” on the Star Wars saga while there are surprisingly fan forums, fansites and anything else of stuff you and/or I have hated (for example, Uwe Boll has his own fans in any so-bad-it’s-whatever movies prior to well, Rampage). This focusing on me taking a look at anything I hated on my daily basis to ask this question: Does this [insert-name] actually suck at what I thought and have I been wrong all along?

Will Dubya be part of these harmless attacks? He did lied about the WMDs, right?

Plus, the title itself ”Just A Harmless Attack” is just a bit inaccurate since there might be harmful stuff to say from time to time but I like the title for a reason – It sounds a bit like it comes out of an unaired Monty Python sketch. On the following weeks (while this week involves Twilight), there will be my point-of-view on The Social Network, Reality Television, Lady Gaga, heck… I even throw in Nickelback somewhere. Why not? And whatever the results will be – it will be such a ride.

Oh Twitter, I’m never a follower and I must know about your evil soul!

Oh, and if you have any suggestions to any JAHA topics that I might discuss in the near future (or movie reviews that I either have or will track down), just give me your words on francisdarko@ymail.com and also send me a message on That Guy With The Glasses forum (I’m there as ”GoofyHairOzzie”). Tomorrow, I’ll be taking on the biggest thing to hit the modern-day culture that is the Twilight saga so get ready to send those hate e-mails.

Coming This Sunday – I’m gonna take on William Katt’s screen test for Star Wars and why is it so overrated? (Okay, I was just fucking around but imagine The Greatest American Hero as Luke Skywalker?).


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