Just A Harmless Attack #2: Social Networks

September 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

It’s already obvious that we live in the kind of age of tomorrow that even H.G. Wells didn’t get to describe in one of his novels. We have portable MP3 Players, Hybrid Vehicles and Touch-Screen Computers that might sometimes have a glitch in somebody’s free time. I’m kind of a social type when it comes to various forms of Internet – from Forums, YouTube and Email Services. But for Social Networks, I’m kinda an anti-Social type when it comes to that so I’m gonna give my take on three major Social Networks plus one that I so against. Thankfully, I don’t anything to say about CraigsList or Tagged because I never researched/visited those so in this “Just A Harmless Attack” installment – It’s me against most of The Social Network.

This is unlike anything I done before but here’s a surprise – I have nothing against MySpace at all. And it’s for a good reason. Even if I haven’t checked out MySpace for several months, I still think of it as the original starting point of The Social Network itself. Well, I have little problems involving that but it’s not like I’m gonna blame Tom Anderson for that. First, It’s this MySpace member known as Corey Worthington and you might have heard of him. He’s the so-called “face of Generation Y” and I fully hate this cunt. He’s responsible for hosting the biggest parties in his parent’s house that generated police forces and publicity and his second 15 minutes of fame is appearing in a downunder version of Big Brother. I really hate this jerkoff and he’s by far the only member of MySpace that I wanna see him get comatose. Gee, I’m now heading for a dark territory.

I’m not certain but this picture of Tom Anderson is always on MySpace and there’s no other updated picture of the man responsible for this original social network. Is he missing or something?

Another thing is that it has an spinoff network and I’m not gonna attack this. I’m just surprised that this site still exists today. What I’m referring to is MyDeathSpace.com and involves deceased members of MySpace which is still surprising. I never visited that site and I know this because WikiPedia have an entry on this. At least I do say one thing – If there’s a perverted jerkoff visited this site and get turned on by any deceased member. He/she should have been captured by the authorities by then because MyDeathSpace is only preferrable to be viewable for innocent families and friends (maybe some MySpace members) to each deceased member.

Corey Worthington – I’m not sure but since Lady Gaga was accused of being a hermaphrodite, I’m theorising that she used to this party asshole before an unheard-of sex change but that’s just my theory.

Facebook: Like MySpace, I have nothing much against about Facebook. But unlike MySpace, I might go to the site anytime I want. Why? I’m one of those members of the “Tron: Legacy” viral campaign and it’s because of the forthcoming success of David Fincher’s The Social Network. This site is indeed mostly harmless since there’s always news about stalkers and other evils on the internet. When I think of the ongoing MySpace and Facebook battle, It’s kinda similar to the Coca-Cola Wars which is still happening since Pepsi is still around. So this is very shorter than anything else so my choice is Facebook is cool and awesome.

This is the person Justin Timberlake is gonna based on in the upcoming movie. Just as long as we don’t see a reference to that Superbowl event then I’m okay with it. Plus I hope his acting is approved beyond Southland Tales.

Bebo: Now this one is an “interlude” of sorts to this installment because this network is still a major one but not in the same sense as the other three. I fucking hate Bebo and I could go on with this one. First, the name of this social network. Even though it stands for “Blog Early, Blog Often”, It’s still a very stupid name and the style on the website is stupid. I hardly visited this site but I know this because my younger sister used to be a member and any site is like an mid-nineties GeoCities type and all-sparkling. I have loads more but it will take up a whole fucking page so moving on to the even worse one… well, to me anyway.

You know there’s a site called “Bo” which stands for “Blog Off”, right? Oh, I forgot about the other two letters.

Twitter: Now before I start, I know that this network has many members that I know ranging from celebrities to my close friends so I’m not gonna attack the followers. It’s just I’m attacking the site itself so what the fuck am I gonna say about Twitter? It’s the Social Network counterpart to the forthcoming apocalypse. I hate this more than Bebo and I wish I could go on and on about this shit of a phenomenon. Twitter is considered to be the so-called “SMS of the Internet” and it’s because it involves only 140 characters worth of each entry. Hello, we have other blog sites and it has much, much more than that. Do I even wanna check somebody’s entry saying that 10 minutes ago, he wrote “I just went shat on the toilet and what comes out is Bono of U2”? Fuck no. It’s sadly now dominate everywhere on Earth from news bulletins to any comic book. I actually do have one person against this thing and it’s the guy who made Twitter well-known. I’m talking about Ashton Kutcher, the star of That ’70’s Show and Punk’d so what I do think of Ash-Kutch (okay, that’s a funny nickname) now…

“I am Sir Ashton Kutcher and I invite you to follow me to the Twitterland”

That pretty much sums it up. While I can still any of his shows and movies, I now hate this fucking cunt because of what he did. Oh, and I’m not really gonna blame the network’s creator Jack Dorsey because I heard he’s not gonna get paid for the network’s creation. I now felt sorry for him but if he have any cash involved – I could take a cruise to America and gone to his house to kick him in the groin even if he has bodyguard near him. But since he felt cash-free, what’s the point? He’s gonna get kicked anyway and he doesn’t have bodyguards to pay for. Okay, maybe I did blame Jack for what I said so here’s an screen-caption before I make a closing point of this installment…

Jack Dorsey looks a bit like Eli Roth so if it’s played by him in a movie about Twitter, it means the Twitter members have been “ooh faced” by the director of Hostel.
So to end this installment, I can say that I can handle the sites that is MySpace and Facebook but I’m not a fanatic when it comes to Twitter and Bebo. Fuck, I once even heard Bebo’s shutting down for good riddance to them hopefully anyway. I might be wrong on that part so until I make another instead of “Just A Harmless Attack”, please don’t give your social network a very shitty name.

Next Installment: I’m taking on the Dance Movies of both last and this decade. That means they gonna get served by me.


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