TGWTG Film Club #6: RoboCop

September 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

Back in the eighties, We were given the kind of people who are considered icons from Chuck Norris to Pierre Kirby to… Steve Guttenberg (so sue me if I still like those Police Academy movies). There are also fictional characters that became part of our media culture and one of them is the perfect police officer known as RoboCop. Ever since the first movie hits, RoboCop is one of the franchises that is still around but today’s people hardly took a notice. It gained two sequels, couple animated series, a television series and countless comic books. And yet, RoboCop isn’t as big as Star Wars and Star Trek combined but is near there. I remember seeing this movie when I was a kid and despite the R-Rating, I can still watch it even with my soon-to-be divorced parents involved because it’s that nostalgic anyway.

You know what? This would have been the best RoboCop sequel that I badly wanna see, I ain’t kidding.

I really need to get a life but anyway let me review the first movie in a retrospective style. The movie sets within in the not-too-distant future and it involves Officer Alex Murphy (Peter Weller) and his partner Anne Lewis (Nancy Allen) as they try to bring justice to the war-torn streets of Detroit (which seems to be too late despite Devil’s Nights and Gangsta Rapping involved there) but Murphy himself got killed off by one of the local gangs, which is led by Clarence Boddicker (Kurtwood “Red Foreman” Smith). But don’t worry, the Omni Consumer Products corporation have the chance to rebuilt him and became the six-million dollar icon known as RoboCop (I’m gonna stop making references to other television shows and movies). Meanwhile, Dick Jones has an alternative known as the ED-209 who is so antagonistic enough to kill few humans in the flick.

Kurtwood Smith came a long way from a little show with Patrick Swayze as a gang leader. What? You haven’t heard of the short-lived television show “The Renegades“? Gee, I have seen the stuff you humans never seen (okay, this is the last shout-out reference and I swear to God on that).

While being resurrected as RoboCop, Alex Murphy has to obey the law while gaining his old memories involving his family along the way. And guess what? The action gets more bloody beyond Murphy’s death involving the death of few characters before the showdown with ED-209. The movies then closes out with Dick Jones facing a crisis in the boardroom which results to his death and RoboCop giving the name “Murphy” to the president of the OCP corporation. The end (and that was pretty fast).

Finally, something worse that his own sex tape – Dustin Diamond as RoboScreech with boobs!

With Paul Verhoeven’s directing style, This movie is very known and is must-recommended to those who haven’t seen RoboCop. It’s an stand-out for its ultra-violence through catchphrases (eg. “I buy that for a dollar”) and it’s also prefect to be just an stand-alone movie. Even those commercials (I wanna play that nuke board game) is awesome. Heck, It even has great sequel like the one with an foul-mouth pre-pubescent gang member. Okay, bad example but what about the flying Robocop one. Uhhhh, I remember a television show with that “Commander Cash” involved. You know what? Just see the first one because the others suck anyway.

Additional screencaptions time…

Michaelangelo approves of an Robocop Pajama guy so Cowabunga, Dude!

I wish I could interrupt Kanye West with the fact that his song is good but the movie is 100% friggin’ times better. Oh yeah, I wanna go there.

Is this how Paul Verhoeven thinks of Robocop as an “American Jesus” figure (and in addition, Why there’s a remakesploitation of Robocop that I haven’t heard?)

Oh, not another one. How the heck did I miss that?


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