World’s Greatest Dad

September 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

We all know stuff about “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” phenomenon and it might be that possible that I might have met Kevin Bacon through these “six degrees” situation. I can’t start and end at that point but I do say that it’s now certain that I have met Bob Goldthwait. How? Because I went to this year’s Supanova Convention at Sydney and met his former co-star Michael Winslow. Yeah, The point of where I have met Michael Winslow is sequed to the point I met the director of this movie that I’m reviewing. Scary Enough, It might suggest that I also have met Steve Guttenberg through the “six degrees” theory.

Wanna know what’s ironic? I have also actually met Rob Schneider when he promotes that Deuce Bigalow sequel in my quiet hometown of Liverpool. No really, I have met Deuce Bigalow himself when he’s the only celebrity that I know have come to my hometown and that’s freakin‘ scary!

The movie is World’s Greatest Dad and it proves that Bob Goldthwait is not just that guy from Police Academy sequels (does anybody know he directed several episodes of Chappelle’s Show?) and it focuses on Lance Clayton (Robin Williams) whom while he’s still a teacher in high school, he’s also an author on writer’s block and a hated father to his son Kyle. The character of Kyle is possibly the kind of son who’s both an emo and a horny virgin with a hatred on both music and movies (he called these stuff “gay” and thinks Heavy Metal is the “faggiest” of all musical genres). While Lance is concerned that Kyle’s dumbness might have sent him to special education classes, something else happened when Kyle is jerkin’ off the mobile pictures of Lance’s girlfriend/co-worker Claire’s pantyshots (he’s actually doing autoerotic asphyxiation) which immediately killed him.

If this were another movie, I would be so happy to see Kyle died while jerkin’ off with that autoerotic asphyxiation technique but this is a movie directed by Bobcat Goldthwait so there must be hilarity, right?

If you read the screen-caption above, I’m correct that there’s gonna be hilarious parts of this black comedy flick as Lance decides to fake his son’s death as suicide which begins with Lance writing an note. The suicide note actually drew attention within the school and everybody thinks Kyle is talented (with the exception of his best friend Andrew) and gained an cult following. Lance is now living the dream with his girlfriend, his friends and the school itself but for how long? Oh Crap, I just the spoiled the whole part of the movie…

Well, I didn’t tell you about the ending, what’s funny about this movie and everything else so at least I didn’t spoil everything.

This movie is a perfect vehicle for Robin Williams and unlike the other movie released at that time known as Old Dogs, It should be one of his greatest roles along with Dead Poets Society, One Hour Photo and Insomnia. Despite it being an independent comedy (and surprisingly co-produced by Richard Kelly), it should have hit it big in the worldwide box office. Maybe there will be a time when one of Bobcat’s future directorial efforts will be following that path to stardom but seeing as we are living in a world where the only high Robin Williams movie are mostly the lame ones (eg. Richard Donnor’s Jack), I guess the only the way is to recommend everybody even the anti-Robin Williams followers to see this movie.

The only way I could see this movie is because Seth Green‘s in it. However, He also voiced his character Chris Griffin in the horrible show that is Family Guy (just please get off the show and do more Robot Chicken, please).


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