Dr Dolittle: Million Dollar Mutts

September 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

I remember back in a decade before when I heard that Eddie Murphy was gonna take the role of Dr. Dolittle and I can safely say that it’s a fine idea. But keeping in mind that this was a time before Norbit and Imagine That, I used to think Eddie Murphy is still a funny dude. I also remember that sequel with the late Steve Irwin and haven’t seen it until recently, the sequel is pretty good with the exception of well… Jeffrey Jones. Now, I’ve now the fact there’s three more Dr. Dolittle sequel but seeing it as being part of Direct-To-DVD releases like The Lost Boys and American Pie, Eddie will never appear and I know that either of those is gonna suck.

Anybody interest in a sequel to WarGames without Ferris Bueller and the headcase from The Breakfast Club? The cover says yes but us watching it says no-no.

I’ve happened to catch the last sequel to this movie on television recently and I thought of doing a review on this. Sure, I’ve done buncha Asylum movies, mockbusters and Australian released flicks but I need to stretch it out so direct-to-dvd movies is one of the qualities. Hey, There’s a high possibility that a sequel to Hot Tub Time Machine with Chevy Chase and Crispin Glover to hit in anywhere else but the big screen.

I’m also including Direct-To-Video releases… and Direct-To-Betamax and Direct-To-Laserdisc releases!

So the movie involves Maya Dolittle (Kyla Pratt) as she was preparing to go to Veterinarian course but after saving a cat (which is sadly voiced by Pauly Shore), she have her sudden fame thanks to the local news network and takes a trip to the streets of Hollywood. Accompanied with Lucky (voiced by Norm McDonald who’s strangely uncredited in this movie), Maya became friends with the heiress Tiffany (Tegan Moss) whom her pet Princess is trying to convince Maya that “she’s a he”… which results Princess to become Rocco (and dressed like a member of the Village People).

Hugh Lofting previously spins the grave because of Eddie Murphy, now he’s spinning to the inner-core of Terra Firma because of what movie I’m watching now.

Before preparing to go back, Maya ended up in the club with her friend and then meets her future love interest Brandon Turner (Brandon Jay McLaren) and oh sweet… Maya’s monkey somehow manage to get to Hollywood (without her knowledge) and became the actual party animal (which has him drinking several cans of the same drink). Uh, Back to the main storyline and hollywood agent Rick Beverley (Jason Bryden) convinces that Maya could be getting her own show which disrupts her from going back home. I do say one thing – There should be an Dr. Dolittle movie about that monkey instead because after him checking his Facebook page (that’s before the Pauly Shore cat scene) and this, I would say it’s the best sequel ever.

If only Dennis Hopper would be alive to enjoy this. Damn, I miss that actor.

So Maya is having her first date thingy with Brandon (while Lucky is hanging out with Brandon’s dog Emmy) and I’m skipping to the point of the Monkey appearing again who’s looking for “King Kong” (don’t ask). Later, She decide to sign the contract without reading it and along with Tiffany and they decide to meet the future guests and his/her pets on the show. We get to meet Chad Cassidy (Sebastian Spence) who’s preparing his role as Abraham Lincoln… while dressing like a Gladiator! Okay, Then they meet and G-Rated Rapper known as “Ridiculuz” (Doron Bell) whom his pet “Fluffermufferman” has a hatred for hip-hop music and prefers the classical tunes of Beethoven and Mozart. Wait, Beethoven… I’m gonna make a screencaption that came out of nowhere.

Ludwig Van Beethoven is the proud sponsor of The Ludovico Techique. So prepare to go insane if this gets a mention again.

So Maya, Tiffany and Rick are at the meeting to see if the show is greenlighted (before it began to air) and the big boss which is played by… Judge Reinhold. Oh shit, Judge Reinhold is in a sequel to the first two movies that starred his friend “Axel F’. I’m sorry if I could cut this but…

“My Name Is Judge”

Sorry, Wrong One…


Okay, I’m disturbed to see how Judge Reinhold went from Arrested Development to this. In fact, how did he appear in this direct-to-dvd sequel (along with a Beethoven sequel). I mean, Is he waiting for the phone call from The Asylum so he could direct his own movie? I wanna see him in the big screen instead of… well, this. Back to the movie, The show begins its taped airing and Maya thinks the show is a bad idea but then something happened when Brandon’s dog is feeling sick and they all went to the vet.

No, Bambi’s Mom… I mean Simba’s Dad… I mean Brandon’s Dog. Don’t worry, The dog actually lived so no singing birds on this one.

So following the heartwarming moment, The show somehow gained a live audience (after the failed taped airing) and Maya is prepared for her big break to follow her father’s footsteps. However, She got a minor stage fright and stops the show because she prefers to save the animals in her own non-hollywood way. But that did not stop Rick explaining that signing the contact means that he owned her? Hey, That’s Hollywood for you.

“We butchered your adapted works, we made your favorite celebrities drugged up, We control the world of Hollywood.”

So Rick is about to get attack by Lucky and the Hollywood Animals (which sounds like a no-hit-wonder band) so begins the long chase through the Hollywood Studios. We had him stumbled onto the set of a pirate movie, a western movie, a movie with a mummy and even a cheap porno flick. Okay, I made the last one up but he did manage to get on the set of “Ape-Pollo 13” with you-know-who?

The best character in this movie, Ladies and Gentleman.

So the monkey joins the animal pack and he quickly got the contract off him and long story short… Maya gets to go home and everybody except Rick lives happily ever after. So what do I think of this movie? I would like to see those direct-to-dvd sequels stop because I’m scared to see if there’s one on the way. Okay, Not scared but shocked. This movie may well be a bit harmless and recommended for current Dr Dolittle fans and children but I do say it’s a stupid movie and a clumsy satire of the modern Hollywood lifestyle from Tiffany being an Paris Hilton knockoff to anything else. The only good part is the Monkey because he gets to direct his own movie but the sad part is how Judge Reinhold appeared here so somebody please give Judge Reinhold another sequel to Beverly Hills Cop or something better? Anyway, I’m done.

It’s not the way to go, Hamilton. Not the way to go.

Additional Screencaption Time

Ridiculuz: “Yo, Yo, Yo… What Is Up, My Doc? I’m Da Rapping Rabbit And I Allow To Diss That Snoop Doggystyle Fellow… And His Brother Nathan. Ain’t That Right? My Pet?
Fluffermufferman: “
It’s Snoop Dogg… You Hack.

“Do I like movies about Gladiators?”


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