Asylum Seeker: Sherlock Holmes

October 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

For what I can say by now, The Asylum is famous (or infamous) for three simple things – Mockbuster Movies, Apocalyptic Movies and Movies that includes Public Domain material. And if you think about it, There’s a chance that The Asylum might remake any movie you can legally download in The Internet Archive and what’s worst than that is they will remake George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead despite it being remade… more than once.

So pushing aside the movie that gave the term “Zombie Apocalypse” and I’m gonna take on both a Mockbuster movie and a movie that features Public Domain insanity and what can indeed be the total mash-up genius is none other than Sherlock Holmes himself. And hey, It should be considered a perfect double feature with the other movie that Guy Ritchie had envisioned. Why? Because this is Sherlock Holmes that has a¬†Tyrannosaurus Rex involved. Shit, You can pretty much make your own Sherlock Holmes movie and add Star Trek characters and it still be that awesome.

So the movie begins in London during the blitz of the 1940s as Dr. John Watson recounts his untold adventure of him and his partner Sherlock Holmes. Flashing back to the late 1800s and Sherlock Holmes (Ben Syder) and Dr. John Watson (Gareth David-Lloyd) are investigating the cause of a sinking ship and so on. Since the start of this movie, I do like how well they acted and it is safe to say that Ben Syder does have a promising future in his starting movie career since this is actually his first role ever played. Oh, And he somehow talks too much but I’m more entertained instead of being annoyed.

Meanwhile, London suddenly have its panic mode when one of the innocent civilians John Poole (Chris Coxon) gets eaten by a freakin’ Tyrannosaurus Rex while trying to lose his cherry with a hooker. The following day begins and the Sherlock/Watson team discovered the big footprint (which is actually not that big) which results them running away from the T-Rex who… hops from the nearest bushes. Yeah, It is that funny.

Never have there been a Tyrannosaurus Rex that hopped like that.

So after they survived and back to more investigating, They had an encounter with a prime suspect who later got bitten by the T-Rex and got thrown out of the window… while the corpse is burned! So Sherlock discovered the clue located on the corpse and travels to their nearest countryside town. There, They ended up on a mansion which reveals the Tyrannosaurus Rex to be an modeled as an robotic puppet… and Iron Man!

Actually, The Iron Avenger himself is revealed to be “Steel-Heeled Jack” (based on a english folklore) or the secret identity that is Sherlock’s antagonistic brother Thorpe Holmes (Dominic Keating). Thorpe then explains how he lead to become the big bad and plans to burn the streets of London. Then, We have Sherlock being shot by Thorpe’s robotic henchwoman Anesidora Ivory (Elizabeth Arends) and his brother activated his robotic dragon (which might explain that prime suspect being a burning corpse… I think!) while Watson is tortured in the same kind of equipment that the Jigsaw Killer would be inspired in some antiques museum. Surprisingly, Sherlock survives his fatal shot and the heterosexual life partners split to stop both Thorpe and Anesidora.

Sherlock decide to stop his brother by using a hot-air balloon that can be speeded by helicopter propellers (!) and is armed with a couple of machine guns (!!) while Watson has to chase down and stop Anesidora from blowing herself up in the Buckingham Palace. So following the burning towns in London, The villains have been defeated and the heroes celebrated their victory. The story draws close when the flashback is done and John Watson dies in his sleep. After hearing the story, The Nurse then mourns him in his gravestone which is located near the gravestone of Thorpe Holmes… which is mourned by the immortal Anesidora herself!


Now the movie ended and what’s the final verdict to this Mockbuster? It’s surprisingly good in my opinion and the movie falls to the “so-bad-it’s-good” territory. Despite not having seen Guy Ritchie’s recent success at this time of writing, I’m not sure if that one is better than what I had seen. The acting is well done, The story is well-developed and The CGI is okay since it’s still the same Asylum standards but I enjoy every minute of it. And since Guy Ritchie will make a sequel in the near future, I just hope that the Asylum studio will do the same and throw anything inaccurate in there… even The Beatles will be okay to be added here.


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