Tron: Legacy

December 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

Tron itself is another 80s nostalgic classic that gained cult following and I was born two years after this movie hit the cinemas. It was one of the best Disney movies in existence and who knows if somebody disagree with that. Flashing forward to 2008 and a little-noticed bootleg trailer hits the web, It made me wanna see this movie when it came out and it’s certain enough to give new fans to look at with Viral Campaigns and anything else. And now I’ve seen the movie and what can I tell you about it?

The movie primary focuses on Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) whom breaks to ENCOM International and leaked the OS software and I don’t know if Sam Flynn prefers to go the adventurous way like Richard Burton but he’s not in charge in ENCOM like his father Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) who disappeared in 1989. After his later encounter with Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxlietner) about the mysterious pager message from Flynn Arcade, Sam decides to go there and eventually entered the Tronverse.

There, He encountered Clu (Jeff Bridges again) who’s the antagonist here and will do anything to go to the main universe. He also encountered his father and Quorra (Olivia Wilde and together they must both reach home before the portal closes and defeat Clu once and for all.

This long-awaited sequel to a 1982 classic is worth watching but I do hate to say this – It’s not the most anticipated movie of the year as what the adverts says. For one, You hardly see Bruce Boxleitner as Tron which is a bit disappointing and the movie may be viewed in 3D but also viewed in 2D (from the nearest cinema) so it’s not better standards as Avatar.

Other than the average enjoyment of the sequel, The soundtrack by Daft Punk is purely awesome and there’s a surprise and unsuspected cameo from Cillian Murphy as Edward Dillinger Jr. plus Martin Sheen’s role as Castor is purely flamboyant and hilarious that he nearly steals the show. Also, The visual effects is cool and surprisingly even on the face of Clu which is strange to think you might actually see Jeff Bridges back to his 1980s ageing status.

I suggest you could either see it or wait for the DVD/Blu-Ray (with hopes of the original movie re-released) so that’s you get from one man’s opinion here. Now I’m gonna finish up on a couple christmas reviews before I take a look at not one but two Tron rip-offs. Yes, They exist and I got them both… I’m so gonna have my post-christmas stress.


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