Christmas Package #1: Random Stuff You Don’t Know About Christmas

December 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

Here are the following you don’t know about Christmas…

* It’s A Wonderful Life is actually remade before. First there was a 1977 Made-For-TV movie It Happened One Christmas which surprisingly is gender-reversed stuff (while it features Orson Welles, Christopher Guest and C. Thomas Howell). There’s also a version of It’s A Wonderful Life with adult film star Asia Argento (and it probably has nothing to do with Christmas) and also there’s this movie…

* Bon Jovi was once involved in a christmas album… about Star Wars. For those who haven’t heard about Christmas With The Stars, It’s best to remain unheard but I’ll leave this track for Bon Jovi fanatics to judge this track (also, this is his very first song)…

* Guess who hates Christmas? Lady Gaga, Ozzy Osbourne (mainly because he was in a biking accident in December 2003), Colin Firth, Diega Luna, Hugh Grant and the author of The Snowman himself, Raymond Briggs.

* Hellraiser has a Christmas Special… First, That crossover involving Nightbreed and now this. Damn, Clive Barker has made horror that fucked up.

* Legion is a movie about a renegade angel protecting a pregnant woman in a time of eventual apocalypse and this movie clearly sucks… also, it sets in the week of Christmas. It makes sense that the second coming will be born the same time as the first birth of Jesus Christ but why the Apocalypse? Seriously, This is what idiots will watch this christmas time!

* There’s an Star Trek: Voyager Christmas Episode… sort of. Like when the Voyager crew celebrate the Talaxian version of the Holiday and it involves attempted suicide. And you thought Life Day in Star Wars Holiday Special is weird enough.

* Any movie made by renowned animator Hayao Miyazaki will be played on australian community channel SBS on Christmas Day… and on 8PM. Hey, I’m placing my bets on The Castle of Cagliostro.

* Marvel Superhero Daredevil once got stabbed by a Santa Claus Robber… ouch. Also, Rob Liefeld once killed the christmas spirit with this…

* Santa Claus is once played by Pat Morita. Yes, Mister Miyagi once played a Santa Claus so take a look for yourself…

… Also Keanu Reeves is in the movie so it must be that Excellent…

… Uh, Never Mind.

NEXT PART: Christmas in a Parallel Universe far away.


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