Christmas Package #2: Sliders – Season’s Greedings

December 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

The first time I watched Sliders when I was a kid, I suddenly turned it off because I was a bit afraid of the show’s concept. And eventually, I watched it again and again which leads me to become a fan. Now, I got four seasons on DVD (with the fifth not yet available outside Germany) and still watch the show from time to time. If you’re a Sliders fan like me then you know the show took a turn when the third season when it became action packed and less scientific. It’s like Lost if you replaced all mysteries with Gilligan’s Island humor, It’s very stupid.

And since it’s time of joy and peace, Why not a Sliders Christmas Episode? Yeah, It’s the only holiday-themed episode that aired within five whole seasons of Rickman, Kromaggs and that stupid cliffhanger. Why? Well it was caused by the late producer David Peckinpah who dumbed down the show like Joe Quesada dumbed down the Spider-Man mythology. Come to think of it….

Damn those… kind of idiots who ruined favorite materials. The episode has Quinn Mallory (Jerry O’Connell), Wade Welles (Sabrina Lloyd), Rembrandt Brown (Cleavant Derricks) and Wade Welles (Sabrina Lloyd) traveled to a sunny world in December as they became involved with a mother running away from her baby child in the church. With that, They decide to search for Carol (Jacqueline Obradors) and what best place to find her is and I’m not kidding about this… A huge city-size Shopping Mall that’s operating with a floating genetically engineered cloud. Oh you think I’m shitting you but look…

Oh, and this mall is so big that it contains Schools, Libraries (note that some is actually in nearby shopping malls of where I’m from but moving on), Hospitals and even Homes. This universe is so strange that Mallrats might be filmed there. And since Money is not used in what is known as Sky High Plaza (nothing to do with that Disney movie), The Sliders decide to take jobs and find a way to get Carol free from the secret slavery of Sky High Plaza. As for the Sliders themselves…

* Quinn Mallory is flirting with the counterpart of Wade’s sister Kelly Welles (Chase Masterson) in order to not be a Vulcan-ear Elf and become a Corporate Suit-like dude. Well, If having a lunch quicky with somebody related to your friend is the way to go then Quinn Mallory is not that Scientific anymore when the third season came along.

* Wade Welles discovers she never existed in this world and try to have help her father’s double Don (Allen Williams) into not losing his daughter Kelly to the corporate jackass Ted Bersen (Neil Roberts). And she looks like an Elf.

* Rembrandt Brown is hypnotised with subliminal text on those television commercials enough to buy lots and lots of stuff… even though they gonna stay on this Alternate Earth for a few days. And he looks like an Elf as well.

* Professor Arturo fights against Commercialism by telling the kids some good stories while dressing up as Santa Claus. Note that Tracy Torme mentioned in an interview that this is the “wrong” Arturo who replaced his Earth-Prime counterpart during the second season without the others knowing about it.

Also, I find it a bit weird about Wade and her father’s double during their first conversation by inviting her to the dinner. How Weird, He feels like he knows her despite she never existed here. My guess? Don has a weird attraction with the daughter he never have. Oh, Don’t worry… nothing incestual happened. As for Quinn, He continues to “flirt” while talking about Charlie Brown (note that Peanuts also don’t exist there) before Ted got a promotion and so on.

Back to Wade in a dinner with her father’s double and having a tender christmas moment but nothing much before Arturo tracked Carol’s current place. Quinn confronts Rembrandt (who’s still buying material gifts) which has him leaving to see Wade staring as the city below. Uh, I’m still can’t get over that Cloud Mall thing… I know this sets in an alternate reality but who have the right mind to make a mall in the clouds? Stephen Hawking.

Quinn then notice the Subliminal Adverts thingy and Don tries to not lose his only daughter but Kelly walks away. Rembrandt is then free from Gift=Love subliminal shenanigans and are one step closer to getting Carol to see her child again by their own plan. Arturo then tells the stories as a distraction to have Ted leaving his office which leads Quinn and Wade breaking in his computer before Kelly appears to stop the security from coming to the office. Oh, And Wade convinced her sister’s double about stories of her childhood which strangely happened in this world as well. Hmm, What are the chances?

Ted appears to stop Arturo from telling about 12 Days Of Christmas that Rembrandt is singing but surprise, surprise as Ted is being a total dick to take Arturo and Rembrandt away. Oh, Don’t Worry as Quinn, Wade and Kelly stopped Ted from owning the other two sliders. Ted became a total douche as he runs away before he’s one-punched by Quinn. The episode is close to end as The Sliders, Carol, Her Baby and The Welles are having a delightful christmas dinner before they taken a picture minutes before their vortex opens.

Besides the weird Cloud-operated mall, This episode is just harmless fun and one of the good ones to watch for Christmas Time. If you never seen the show, Just start at the beginning but I will warn you that there’s a downfall within the third season so I recommend buying the first two seasons and probably the third for this christmas special.

Next: My choice for a even-stupider Christmas Episode of a TV Show… It’s gonna suck.


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