Christmas Package #3: The Nanny – Oy To The World!

December 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

WARNING: This following article is a rant of this certain reviewer who hates this certain sitcom so if you like this show, be prepared.

Well, Christmas is over and I have one more trick up the sleeve. So I wanna to take on something like Jack Frost or one of those Silent Night, Deadly Night sequels but I don’t have it so I decide to take a look around YouTube for something so disturbing that it surprisingly is a Christmas Special…

I’m talking about The Nanny, one of the sitcoms that manage to waste my childhood during the nineties. Now, I could say the show is harmless but like Two And A Half Man and Family Guy, It fucking sucks. Yeah, I can safely say it… The Nanny sucks. Looking back at this show is annoying enough that it involves a Nanny with an annoying laugh and her passion for Barbara Streisand. It’s not worst than Full House but it’s up there.

Now onto their second christmas episode known as “Oy To The World!”. Okay, I have to stop now and talk about the title. Why do they do that? It has nothing to do with Christmas in Australia and I know because I’m raised in the land downunder. You could have something like “The Nanny Animated Christmas Special” and… Oh, Fuck the title shit? Let me just start the insanity.

So following the credits, We have Fran Fine (Fran Drescher) watching a live-action episode of The Nanny and say she loved her. Well, I could say this continuity is fucked up but then I remember seeing an episode where Fran Fine meets Fran Drescher herself so I’m not going in rampage mode… just yet. So Fran takes Brighton to the Homeless Shelter but Chester The Dog messes things up which had Fran have a concussion and ended up in a comatose dream state.

Her dream state involves her, Brighton and Chester from the Queens to the North Pole… in less than a minute. There, They meet Maxwell Sheffield as Santa Claus, Niles as Elvis The Elf and C.C. The Abominable Babcock. Also, Chester gained a dog ability and they travel towards the… animated version of Katy Perry’s California Gurls music video!

No, It’s actually Winter Wonderland and nothing much happens but Elvis The Elf singing and so on. Kris then mentions that the storm causes Christmas to be cancelled due to mighty power of C.C. The Abominable Babcock. Fran and Chester travels to the castle of C.C. The Abominable Babcock (I have to say the full name) and attempt to save Christmas but C.C. The Abominable Babcock has woken up and Chester The Dog is scared to whistle-dance.

And surprise, Fran and Chester is frozen in suspended animation so that means “The End, Right?”. Fuck No because C.C. The Abominable Babcock said “Don’t Change The Channel”. Well, YouTube has their own channels but moving on. So Fran and Chester is actually still alive while nothing happens. Fran then found a perfect idea by… setting a party for C.C. The Abominable Babcock! It leads her to have C.C. The Abominable Babcock to meet her secret admirer which is… The cloud known as The Rain Man! How does she know Dustin Hoffman in the form of a Rainy Cloud? How? HOW?

While I forgot that it was the Comatose Dream Sequence, Fran, Brighton and Chester travel with Santa Claus and Christmas is saved. They send christmas to many homes before ended up in the Homeless Shelter. Santa has discovered there’s no presents but Brighton becomes a good kid and give the presents he save for the kids. Oh, And the dream is still going!

And how is the dream still going? Easy, Chester is still talking. The episode ended and it’s frankly stupid. So Again, It maybe harmless to watch along with the rest of the series but it’s stupid. That’s all I can say about and I don’t know why I’m watched this after Christmas is over. Man, This is why I hate having post-christmas blues.


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