Best and Worst of 2010

December 31, 2010 § Leave a comment

So I’m thinking about reviewing a movie on New Year’s Eve but I do have plans so I’ll try to double-review it tomorrow (meaning I’ll finally bring Shaun of the Dead that I promised) so in the meantime, I’ll show you the best of 2010 that I have witnessed and some of the fucking worst of it. There’s also a Runner Ups note to consider it second-whatever…

Best Movie Released In 2010: Scott Pilgrim vs The World
Before I recently brought this DVD, I’ve initially thought Tron: Legacy is the best movie this year but guess what? The one is a so-average-that-it’s-okay movie so when I see Pilgrim, It is worth thirty bucks indeed. This movie is a perfect transition of Michael Cera from “the kid from Arrested Development” to the bass-playing action hero doing it for love. Also, It has cool soundtrack from Beck and Nigel Godrich, good in-jokes from This Is Spinal Tap and few others and anything else. I’ve highly recommend this movie for those who haven’t seen it and also, get the six-part Graphic Novel series because it’s worth the read.
Runner Ups: Inception

Best TV Show Aired In 2010: The Walking Dead
This is a perfect television adaptation of any comic book series that I’ve seen in a while. Sure, There’s The Human Target and Smallville but who would wanna watch a show that is either previously adapted with Rick Springfield in the 1990s or A show about Superman’s hometown that is somehow now set in Metropolis? I do say that Smallville is the longest show about Superman ever. This show may have some changes like the additional characters and so on but it’s the best thing about Zombies since… Zombieland. Gee, That isn’t that long. I just can’t wait for the second season.
Runner Ups: Lost, Fringe and The Event.

Best Soundtrack of 2010: Inception
Oh, Hans Zimmer, You have shown the soundtrack that’s superior than everything else. Sure, Tron: Legacy soundtrack should have been on the list but there’s more Bonus Tracks than this that some fans have been trying to find. Plus, I’m just gonna say this but any song from this soundtrack will probably be already heard in places like Sports show or whatever so the next time I watch NBA, I could hear the soundtrack.
Runner Ups: Tron: Legacy and Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Best Album of 2010: The Arcade Fire – The Suburbs
If you’ve seen the Nostalgia Critic’s Christmas video, You might be pissed that President Angry Joe blows up Canada and guess who its home to? Maybe The Arcade Fire survived on that alternate universe by some international tour but moving on. This album is Indie Gold and better than their previous two albums. From the start to finish, This album is worth listening and that’s saying much about it.
Runner Ups: My Chemical Romance – Danger Days & Weezer – Hurley

Best Comic of 2010: Superman – The Last Family of Krypton
It’s been that long since we seen an Elseworlds storyline and this year is perfect for a comeback when we get this scenario: What is Jor-El and Lara joined the baby Kal-El to go to Earth? Sure, I’ve could have gone with iZombie or any recent Mark Millar comics but this is a perfect superhero story. It does miss a point of whether Krypto or Supergirl will appear in this story but I leave it at that. I just hope there’s more Elseworlds stuff in 2010 and I mean good ones which is not JLA: Act of God or Superman & Batman: Generations III (hmm, that one is a fucking cop-out).
Runner Ups: iZombie and Superman: Earth One.

Best WTF Moment of 2010: Robert Pattison hates the G-Spot
… And he loves the cock. Sorry, I’m stealing an obvious Kevin Smith reference. But seriously, This one still cracks me up more than John Malkovich playing God or Hugh Jackman crashing to the Oprah set. If I’m gonna make jokes about it the next year (which is a couple of hours from now) then I’ll do it somehow. So sorry ladies, Spunky Ramson isn’t available to go down on you.
Runner Ups: North Korea airing their first western-made movie Bend It Like Beckham (and that news came out today)

Worst Movie Released in 2010: Metal Man
I haven’t yet seen Vampires Suck and other bad flicks but if anything, This 2008 movie (and I’ve just checked and confirmed that it’s from 2008) that’s released on DVD in 2010 still counts as the worst movie of this year. If I make the worst movies I ever seen, This would be within the same Top 5 spot as Uwe Boll’s fucking disasterpiece Seed. Oh Yeah, I’ve seen a lot of Uwe Boll movies and Seed is by far the worst and depressing shit I ever seen. Back to Metal Man and this is not what a Superhero movie supposed to be. Sure enough, Batman and Robin has a Superhero story but I gonna say this… Metal Men makes Batman and Robin more watchable. So whoever made this movie? Fuck You. Whoever starred in it? Fuck You Too. And lastly, Whoever liked this movie? FUCK YOU.
Runner Ups: I can’t tell you this one but the review of this movie is coming… Trust me, It’s worth the wait.

Worst TV Show Aired in 2010: The Good Wife
Oh Yeah, I’m going there. I know that some major stars like Michael J. Fox and Mister Big himself is in it. But I hate this show more than its runner ups. Okay, Okay, I hardly watch this show but this has no interest to me. A show about a Politician’s wife doing Lawyer stuff and not made by the guy who brought you Boston Legal… BORING! I’m just gonna say that I hope this show is cancelled.
Runner Ups: Kendra and several other reality shows (except Undercover Boss, that one is decent).

Worst Album of 2010: Uncertain
To be fair, I don’t listen to Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber but for now, I’ll go with Christina Aguilera’s Bionic for the cover itself. I may not be a full on reviewer when it comes to music so let’s say any albums that I don’t listen to because it’s made by an Artist that I hate counts.
Runner Ups: Linkin Park – A Thousand Suns (I actually like the band but this album is just few decent tracks over several boring ones).

Worst Comic of 2010: FAME one shots
Believe it or not, I actually read one of those FAME one-shots yesterday and it’s about Lady Gaga. And it’s fucking weird, I’ll go on but you have to wait for the review because I’m ready to beat the shit out of this one as well as Marville, Ultimate Adventures and Trouble.
Runner Ups: Deadpool (one comic is enough so cancel the rest of the spinoffs).

Worst WTF Moment of 2010: Katy Perry marrying Russell Brand
Message to Katy Perry: He’s not worth it. He’s unfunny, annoying and stupid. I mean, Have you seen his act or movies? I know she doesn’t read this but if she does, Please get a divorce. You’re the hottest star I’ve seen in a while and married to one-time Wanker of the Year is the worst thing happened to you.
Runner Ups: Death of Leslie Nielsen (Why?).

So there’s my point of view and now, I hope you have the new year and tune in next year for two reviews plus anything surprising and unexpected. Trust Me, You haven’t seen the insane shit that I have seen (like Vanilla Ice in a Matrix Parody… Yeah, This exists). Fuck, Now I’m now gonna get tipsy and fucked up.

Last 2010 Update: I didn’t made Best Song of 2010 (which is My Chemical Romance’s SING) but if there’s the most weird song that I heard this year, I’ve just heard it so be annoyed and brainless by this song below…

Somewhere in the United States of America when this song is released, Sir Mix-A-Lot is thinking Baby Got Back gave birth to best and worse songs about Woman’s Rear. Oh, I Cannot Lie and I wish Sir Mix-A-Lot would do something about… whatever that I just heard. Again, Happy NY everybody.


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