The Asylum Finally Did It!

January 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

Last Year, I reviewed and researched one of the worst movies I ever seen known as Metal Man and during research, The Asylum themselves have used a rule of not doing superhero movies. But this year…

… Yeah! The Asylum finally mockbustered a superhero movie with “The Almighty Thor”! Gee, I’m scared that this is gonna suck (because I wanted to see the blockbuster one and I’m a huge comic geek) but with a movie that has Richard Grieco as Loki…

…And Kevin Nash as Odin. Yeah, Kevin Nash of wrestling fame (and also previously played The Russian in The Punisher and Super-Shredder in TMNT II) as Thor’s father. I might enjoy it if it’s good enough…

So The Asylum finally broke their rules. Uh, Hooray. I don’t know but I will release two Comic Book reviews (not one to do with the God of Thunder), one Tron rip-off review (that one isn’t really a mockbuster so I’ll explain by then) and if free time, something else so I’m gonna wish The Asylum didn’t mockbusted Captain America!


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