Fame: Lady Gaga #1

January 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

Ever since Madonna popped up in the Dancing scene in 1980s, There are many avid followers that are still around like Britney Spears or had their short popularity like… Holly Valance…. Yeah, I can go with that. And since the female pop singers try to push the boundaries of sexuality and anything else, It will go until something apocalyptic happened. And recently, We have the most controversial female pop singer known as Lady Gaga. Oh My Bibleman, Lady Gaga is still singing.

I hate anything about her and I want her to go into obscurity. Her music is awesome, Her videos are weird and It’s certain that she’s the antichrist or a member of the Illuminati. I can’t wait for somebody that’s influenced by… her… to hit the mainstream with something more controversial and painful. Why did she hit the Billboard charts? What changed her from black-haired singer to a total freak? And who the fuck is her agent so I could like send a collection of spam to his email or something? LADY GAGA IS EVIL!

And now, I have to take a look at her biography in the form of my longtime favorite: Comic Books. Yeah, I’m taking on a Lady Gaga comic book and it’s the first issue. How is that possible? I’m saying that because There’s Already A Second Issue. A SECOND ISSUE OF THIS? What? Is One single issue not enough to make a Lady Gaga Biography… Well, Let’s take a look at… This first issue.

Okay, The comics involves a couch potato dude complaining about the music that’s happening today and that his remote control batteries are dead. The wife called him “Lester Bangs” (and isn’t the real Lester Bangs dead?) and want him to take out the garbage but the horror of Lady Gaga appeared on MTV. Also, He mentioned David Bowie, Queen and Blondie in the same comic as… whatever! He then stays and watches his Sony Television because Fame comic is all about Product Placement. Yeah, I can see Fame: Michael Bay one-shot coming up.

He then goes to a record store and asked for a Lady Gaga album for his “niece” because “she likes that Bubblegummy Crap” as he mentioned. Also, There are customers nearby who don’t get Pink’s music video at all and thinks she’s weird. Well, I can’t wait for them to say the same for Gaga’s music videos. And then, “Lester Bangs” is annoyed by the kids and thinks they should listen to Menudo (Seriously, Menudo?) and he then walks and sees two people wearing the exact Lady Gaga t-shirt and… what the fuck is going on?

He then uses Product Placement #4 & 5 (there was a McDonalds reference on a panel above) as he uses a Dell computer to check Lady Gaga on YouTube. And the scariest thing happened as “Lester Bangs” imagines having sex with… Lady Gaga before throwing her off from… somewhere and… him dressing up in Lady Gaga suit. Uh, Let me prove this to you and tell me this comic is very fucked up…

He then checks this Jellyfish Rulez Blog (and it’s not really a Product Placement so settle down) and we then see “Lester Bangs” in a dream sequence (second in under five pages) of him in school detention with Lady Gaga. That one is pointless that his wife interrupted through phone and complain to “Lester Bangs” about Lady Gaga before he went to the work where he sings one of her songs that is annoyed by his blonde workmate. Oh, And we finally got his real name Bill (but I ain’t stopping the “Lester Bangs” thing because I’m a zany reviewer) and he just went to eat with his wife at McDonalds.

While in McDonalds, “Lester Bangs” and his wife is… hearing a Lady Gaga song on the radio. Oh, And “Lester Bangs” then imagines her wife as Lady Gaga. Back to Dead-End Corporations and “Lester Bangs” is singing the song while the same blonde workmate comes and same shit happens as the last scene. What is this? The Room?

“Lester Bangs” then ended up in the Big Boss office and nothing happens before we again see McDonalds in the comic. He ignores the boss and ended up in the restaurant literally dressing up as Lady Gaga. Hey, Bill aka “Lester Bangs”… SEEK FUCKING HELP! And he imagines him in duet with herself before his wife walks in and see the shock in her eyes. He then stops singing while his mother records it on the mobile which caught the attention of the real deal who then wants “Lester Bangs” in… The Halls Of Gaga!!!

But there’s a fucking bonus content involving her and it’s so confusing that I’m stopping at this point. This is the most fucked up comic I have ever seen in my entire life. This is not a Biography Comic and more of a fan’s mentally ill obsession about a overrated pop singer. And what’s worse is that this thing has sold like hotcakes that a second issue is near. Look, I survived through Countdown To Final Crisis, Ultimatum and even Marville that I ended up reviewing this… weird comic. Now, I’m gonna seek few Fame one-shots so I can see if it’s Biographical or not.


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