Gamebox 1.0

January 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

Not long ago I mention that I gonna review two different Tron ripoffs and that is kinda true. Because the movie I’m gonna review is about a guy who enters a computer world and encounter versions of his friends and enemies, This is not really a Mockbuster since a) There’s not much similarities other than parts of the plot and b) It’s not really a cash-in to any similar movie. Also, This movie is gonna suck because of one thing – The protagonist here is played by… well this guy…

Yeah, I’m watching a movie called Gamebox 1.0 starring the same guy who played Sabrina’s boyfriend Harvey. Now, Sabrina The Teenage Witch is actually an okay show but seriously, Nate Richert is the protagonist in this movie!

The movie begins with Chris who suddenly dies from seizures while having dreams of bad graphics. Uh, Why is this in the movie? That part is pointless. So the real story begins with Charlie Nash (Nate Richert) who’s a Video Game Tester not coping with the death of Kate (Danielle Fishel) who got accidentally shot by corrupted police officer Ronald Hobbes (Patrick Kilpatrick). After his work, He decides to try on the mysterious game system known as Gamebox 1.0 and decides to play it.

So he decides to play the first game “Crime Spree” and it’s like Grand Theft Auto if it’s made in Full Motion Video style… and several minutes of Padding. Charlie is beating up a couple of guys before he meets Princess (Danielle Fishel, Again) before he got shot which makes him pussy out the game. While in the Real World, He experiences delusions which makes him not know the different between Reality and Fantasy.

He eventually returns to the Game which has him saving Princess (handcuffed with a case) and taken to the Restaurant. Following their pointless conversation, Charlie then notices two killers near his path and – he got killed. No, The movie is not finished as he has two lives left and exits the game… again. Dammit, Charlie Nash is probably the worst Video Game Tester and could possibly be beaten by the cast of Grandma’s Boy.

Charlie is still in Paranoid Mode which he encounters the girl’s killer Ronald (still working as a corrupted police officer) and get this, Ronald forgets about Charlie and has taken him to a secret place to offer him Drugs. Okay, Why is this movie not about him? He’s already great. And Yeah, Ronald beats the shit out of Charlie and lands him in coma… But the movie is still not over!

Somehow, Charlie returns to the Gamebox 1.0 (while in coma state!) and it’s up to him and Princess to finish the game. They then entered the “Zombie Land” game (I don’t know why) and The Zombies in this game looks more like Anti-Monitor’s Shadow Demons from Crisis On Infinite Earths. Oh, And Ronald’s counterpart known as Ao Shun is part of the game so I’m gonna root for this guy instead.

Ronald and Princess escaped from “Zombies” and Ao Shun which has them hiding out in the Cabin (which thankfully has no Evil Dead references). Charlie’s best friend Peter (Patrick Cavanaugh) also became involved in the game and with the “Zombies” near their path… They escaped. Nothing much happens before they went to the Sewer Level which leads to the “Alien Planet” game and oh shit, Peter is revealed to a game character because he cuts off Princess’s hands and taken the case. Oh, It’s on like Donkey Kong.

Charlie chases Peter who’s getting the Bonus Life but it’s too late as Charlie kills Peter… and jumps off the cliff. Again, This movie is not over because Charlie returns to chasing Peter and he went successful at this. He then gives the Bonus Life to Princess but she is dead and does the noble sacrifice by giving one of his two lives to Princess. Also, Ao Shun has gotten the case now.

The two ended up on “A Simulation of the Real World” level which Charlie has an idea to stop Ao Shun… leaving another life while hiding with a gun. Ao Shun fell for the trick and died while the two opened the case to reveal… The Gamebox 1.0 System! Actually, It’s the final exit to the game and Charlie says farewell to his girlfriend’s game counterpart. And the movie is almost over.

Moving on from the death of Kate, He meets up with his future love interest Pamela (Lauren Storm) and has a happy ending. As for Ronald Hobbes, He has gotten a package containing the Gamebox 1.0 System itself.

Thus ended the movie with no sequel involving the Cop. Now what do I think of the movie? Well, It is a bit enjoyable despite bad graphics, padding scenes and average acting and the best part in this movie is probably Patrick Kilpatrick so this is only recommended for one-time viewing. Now I’m gonna get to the actual mockbuster and yes, it is a mockbuster.


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