Green Hornet

January 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

Note: Last week was not a good week for me as I went to see the movie I’m reviewing now but before that, I brought a recently released can of Pepsi Raw (well, recently released in Australia) and I’ve then felt the sickness after drinking the whole can. Something is definitely in the can that made me get flu for a few days and a little asthma attack after that. It delayed my timing to post the review before this and I went to hospital at that time. How could a can of a soft drink with natural ingredients made me sick? Well, On to the review anyway.

Prior to looking at the reviews, I have little high hope on seeing this movie and it’s because the trailer made me laugh and I’m a total comic book geek (even though Green Hornet started out in Radio Serials but moving on). And then, Roger Ebert slammed the movie hard and I’ve got the ticket. If it’s because of Seth Rogen miscast as The Green Hornet, Then I get the feeling. And anyway, It’s not like there’s gonna be a movie with Russell Brand taking the role of Dudley Moore’s iconic character…

Well, Let me just give you my take on the plot. This movie involves Britt Reid (Seth Rogen) who’s a slacker son of Reid (Tom Wilkinson) and not much future before the father died on a bee-sting… And No, Britt doesn’t avenge the death of his father just because of the Bees. As he takes over as the Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Sentinel, He does nothing much he can do before he befriends Kato (Jay Chou). They then have a night out which involves kicking ass to the thugs harassing a nameless couple. After that, Britt decides to become heroes while the city thinks they’re villains.

Meanwhile, Green Hornet and Kato has a competition as the gang boss Chudnofsky (Christoph Waltz) decides to find a way to change his lifestyle as he fears he’s washed out thanks to a cameo from James Franco himself. He plans to stop The Green Hornet and Kato from more vigilante action while planning to change his style… which he is then known as Bloodnofsky! So yeah, I ain’t gonna give away anything else so that sums up my take on the plot and now what do I really think of the movie.

I could say this movie is recommended but only for 2D Viewing because the three-dimensional part is not necessary. The plot is fine but mostly predictable. Seth Rogen did okay as The Green Hornet but the best part of the acting goes to Waltz, Chou and even Franco. As for Cameron Diaz who appears as love interest Lenore, Her role is surprisingly pointless and forgettable. The action is okay despite CGI effects and The Comedy… I honestly laugh during the movie. There are jokes I can get and even a “Innerspace” dancing reference is involved.

Also, Look out for another cameo and it’s Edward Furlong who probably appears in the movie for some unknown reason. Well, He plays a drug dealer and I can see how he went from Terminator 2: Judgement Day to this. Mainly because he’s sucked in The Crow: Wicked Prayer (and why David Boreanaz didn’t play The Crow is beyond me). But it’s a good cameo so just see it as an average Popcorn flick and don’t waste your cash for the 3D part because there’s little much to do with that.


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