Asylum Seeker: War Of The Worlds II

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It’s been a while since I’m reviewing a movie by The Asylum and I wanna take on nearly everything by the company whether it’s boring, stupid or entertaining. And hey, I got heaps of things to look forward to like Kevin Nash as Thor’s father and possibly another Transmorphers movie. Which it is kinda something when the first Transmorphers ended with the humans winning and the second one involving how the robotic aliens invaded Earth so how could Transmorphers III pulled it off?

And I’m gonna surprise all to say that the only material based on The War Of The Worlds that I’ve seen is a George Pal movie, a Steven Spielberg movie and the first episode of the 1980s series. But I haven’t seen what is officially known as the first Asylum mockbuster ever. Why? Because I don’t have the copy of it at this time of writing.

Well, I’ll get to War Of The Worlds eventually so let me take on War Of The Worlds 2: The Next Wave. So following George Herbert (C. Thomas Howell) narrated previous the previous movie’s events before it flashes forward to two years after the invasion and the Martians are back for the second invasion… in under Five Minutes. Hmm, That was quick.

There’s actually two plots in one movie. First we get to see George Herbert (C. Thomas Howell) and his son Alex (Dashiell Howell) as they were supposed to enjoy peaceful times but tragedy strikes as The Martians had captured Alex and George initially has thought his son is killed (but he survives). While travelling around, He got captured by the martians and meets his comedic sidekick Pete (Christopher Reid) along with Sissy (Danna Brady) and two other characters that would be later forgotten for plot use.

The other plot involves George’s old friend Major Kramer (Fred Griffith) as he and his army forces decide to do the same thing that happened in Independence Day – Use their fighter jets and fight the alien forces. But there’s a surprise add of  awesomeness as the fighter jets have the martian technology that could have the battle taken place… IN SPACE! Also, They caught up in a time vortex which sends the battle to Mars.

After the three escaped from the mother ship, George and Pete ended up in the town to find Sissy who is infected by the Martian Virus… They meet up with Shackleford (Darren Dalton) who reveals the Town is created and placed in Planet Mars. And Shackleford injects George with the virus before the doctor dies. As for George, He got captured again.

Pete decides to sneak in to the tripod and freed George before he finds his son and injects his blood to the mothership and escaped while leaving Sissy and other human captives behind. They eventually find Major Kramer whom his ship is crashed to the town and escapes with the ship… again leaving the other human captives behind. What a bunch of assholes.

So George and the others returned to Earth (while the other captives are now dead) while partying. But Wait, The Radio Transmission is getting weird alien-like messages meaning the third invasion is gonna happen. Well, The movie has an open ending for a possible sequel.

The movie is okay and watchable. The effects are average enough, The acting is well done (except Christopher Reid) and the story is full of surprises. I’m gonna say that if you interested for this kind of movie, Then I say go for it.



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Well, I’m gonna take on a Bargain Bin Sci-Fi trash known as Phoenix and it has two of the awesome acts – Brad Dourif and Billy Drago. Oh Yeah, I’m gonna like this movie now and the title is also cool because I like the word Phoenix from X-Men’s The Dark Phoenix Saga through three of the Phoenix brothers – River Phoenix, Joaquin Phoenix and Simon Phoenix.

Okay, I’m kidding about Simon Phoenix so let’s get to the movie. After we see the cheesy early-90s Opening, The story involves the mining colony of Titus 4 being attacked by a group of android terrorists. And then a meeting with Cyrus Kilgore (Billy Drago) which has them talking about cleaning up the mess but we quickly cut to Tyler McClain (Stephen Nicols) and his people in prison. Okay, I’m kinda lost and need to know what’s going on.

This is all happening in the first ten minutes so I hope this movie is nothing like National Lampoon’s Dorm Daze. Tyler is having a holographic conversation with Kilgore on a mission to stop the bad guys with the team which includes Tyler’s buddies. We then cut to a woman named Seline (Denice Duff) about to be raped in the streets which has Tyler come in to the rescue. Uh, Is the movie making up as it goes along? Well, Billy Drago also co-produced the movie so who knows if my next guess is that they’ll jump into a set of Seaquest DSV.

With Tyler being a hero, He then stays over at Seline’s Place. By The Way, When will he and his team go to Titus 4? Well, Reiger (Brad Dourif) appears to give Tyler and his team the mission. And I do like how Brad Dourif delivers here as he is both acting like an asshole and total badass.

Back to the meeting with Kilgore and it’s blah-blah-blah so can we get to Tyler and his team finally going to Titus 4. I’ve never waited this long since Eric Bana became the Hulk. While getting to the minor colony, They went all commando on us like they have seen James Cameron’s Aliens and shamelessly ripping the movie off. Hmm, It might make sense since this movie has its own Bill Paxton character that is Dillon.

Then the battle between Humans and Androids begin for couple of minutes while the others chickened out to look for remaining survivors or something. Tyler then gets his usual headaches before he encounters Miro (William Sanderson) who revealed to him that the androids are not the killers because it turns out the Kilgore and his corporation is responsible. Well, The DVD back cover already spoiled the surprise.

So the remaining team accidentally shot Tyler which has Miro running away. Tyler is then unconscious all the way back to Earth. Gee, The mission is very short. When he awakes in the hospital and sees… Dr. Dubenko from ER! Well, It’s Leland Orser playing Dr Riley and he’s so not obviously typecast into playing a Doctor in anything else other than this movie and the television series.

Nothing much happens except that Dr Riley has told Tyler about his headache. Kilgore then talks to Miro (via two-way transmission) and Reiger. Well, I finally saw a movie that has Drago and Dourif in the same scene so scratch that off in my checklist. Kilgore says to Reiger to follow the plan to keep it well and so on. Back to the Space Marines themselves and Reiger delivers his performance saying that Tyler is dead and so on.

Tyler gets out of his bed and sees the destruction of an android in the next room. The doctor appears and shocked Tyler to sleep. He wakes up to see Kilgore and Riley to go back to sleep – Why don’t they just kill him immediately? And then Denise shows up to free Tyler and have a sex scene. Okay, This movie is getting interesting but why do the Sex Scene now? I hate seeing plotholes.

They are still in the hospital room having a sleep while Tyler is getting a flashback involving Reiger shooting an Android before Tyler is sent to prison (which explains how he got there in the beginning of the movie). Waking up from the dream, Tyler and Denise decide to get to the bottom of it all while we return to Kilgore having another meeting. Yeah, That’s what’s good about the movie – Billy Drago in a meeting that doesn’t involve Violence.

Back to Tyler and Denise checking on some other room which he discovers the androids doing a punch-up along with few android leftovers. Riley shows up and Tyler did a full-on Jack Bauer interrogation scene which has the doctor telling everything. They runaway when Riley pushes the button before hearing another Kilgore/Reiger conversation which involves letting them go to space before the twist occurs.

Denise explains that  the attempted rape is all planned and that she don’t wanna be part of Kilgore’s forces. So she lives and the Space Marines are back on Titus 4 planning to kill the androids before Tyler and Denise showed up. The marines had quickly joined forces with Miro and other androids but that’s before Kilgore, Reiger and the other soldiers shows up. Okay, Who else is gonna show up?

And Then, Denise did the backstabbing and still works for Kilgore. But then, Billy Drago has delivered his awesome performance which ends with him not wanting the Androids to live in peace but the Androids to live… in Pieces. The battle broke up for a couple of minutes before Kilgore holds Denise hostage before it leads to Tyler killing Kilgore for shooting Denise.

The movie is nearly over as Tyler has a final conversation with the dying Miro. The movie ends with Tyler, Dillon and Chin (Betsy Soo) surviving the battle. Well, The movie is watchable but also forgettable. The acting is fine, The storyline is clichéd with parts of Aliens and Blade Runner thrown in and The Special Effects is so low-budgeted that you can tell it’s made in the nineties. I’m a fan of Billy Drago and Brad Dourif and this kind of movie is only for curiosity’s watch.


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While I’m having a weird month and no, It’s not something to do with my previous sickness. I’ve been busy writing other reviews while getting a new laptop and now that I’ve got it, It’s back to business. Now, I’m gonna do a review and it’s one of those Bargain Bin flicks that it’s either cheap and grateful or ripped-off despite it cost just two easy bucks. This one is kinda both since I don’t know what to think of this.

The movie is called Maniacts and yes, that is the title so I don’t know why they add one more letter in a movie about two mental patients in love so I’m not going for the “Poor Literacy is Kewl” thing here. It involves Joe Spinelli (Jeff Fahey) who is sent to Edgemare Institution for being a mass murderer who even leaves the dead bodies in his home which is what drives the Law Enforcers to check the smell of it.

At Edgemare, He begins his relationship with Beth Windsor (Kellie Waymire), a serial killer. Their antics including Joe doing his Jesus Christ pose has caused panic on Edgemare including… Lieutenant Callahan! Actually, It’s Matron Knull (Leslie Easterbrook) so let’s move on. While the institution plans to kill Joe, One of the workers Jumpy (Jeremiah Birkett) has let him escape before coming back and caused a riot which kills the corrupt owners and so on.

They escaped and finding a place to live which leads to encountering Prometheus Boley (John Furlong) who’s a psychic farmer and the movie went a bit weird but not in a David Lynch sense. So while staying there, Joe and Beth are making loud love before a wanted commercial caught the attention of realtor Simon Burke (Chris Maleki) which has him calling his set of Bounty Hunters who are quickly defeated.

Times have passed and the couple have one more plan up their sleeve – to assassinate Queen Elizabeth! Well, The Queen didn’t die but a mexican-style shootout killed Joe which leaves a pregnant Beth to adjust her new life without Joe.

The movie is like two interconnected stories. You have the quirky Prison Romance and the weird post-Breakout storyline that does leave me a bit bored but I’m also entertained because Jeff Fahey is enjoyable in this movie and you can’t keep a good actor like him down. As for Kellie Waymire, Leslie Easterbrook and others – They have their acting and moments. This movie is not really a rip-off of Natural Born Killers but it’s easy to get and worth a watch so there’s my take on the movie.

Asylum Seeker: Savior Of The Earth

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Okay, I’m preparing to give you the actual mockbuster to the first Tron movie and what a mockbuster it is. Believe it or not, There are sources on the internet whom mentioned this “Korean Tron Rip-Off” being unearth around November 2010 but almost all of them did not noticed that one of the clips from that movie I’m reviewing is being seen before in a weird cut-up compilation movie called Space Thunder Kids.

So while Savior Of The Earth also counts as Remakesploitation, I also considered this to be Mockbuster property. Also, There’s an original Korean title which translate as “Computer Nuclear Warship Bombing Operation” and it’s long enough to fail itself as an acronym title – CNWBO. So I’m ready to watch and what comes up in the beginning is a retro-futuristic opener…

And then something that I thought will never see – A trailer of the same movie I’m about to watch. Seriously, A trailer to Savior Of The Earth is shown right before the movie itself. And it’s so confusing that I can’t make sense of the trailer including the fact that the title “Savior Of The Earth” keeps popping up each 30 seconds and well, I laughed at who created and wrote this story…

Now, I’m ready to see the actual movie and hope it’s not a mindfuckery as the trailer itself. In the opening of the movie, We see that anywhere on the world from New York to USSR (or “Russian Satellite” as the next text explains in a confusing way) and what point of this is related to the story. Well, It involves Dr. Butler (first name is unmentioned so therefore, his first name is now “Gerald”) hacking through the worldwide technology thanks to his uh… something never explained. Then, We get to meet the heroes – Keith, Dr. Kim and Sheila. And since Keith is our Kevin Flynn here, He’s a very whiny annoyed counterpart here.

So while the protagonists is checking the problem, Dr. Kim and Sheila decide to send Keith to the Game Room because they think he’s whiny and annoying. The two somehow being send to uh… The Grid while Keith later joins them while playing a game (without any segue to how he got there unlike Dr. Kim and Sheila). And like Tron, He is forced to play the games like The Ring Game and Pac-Man. Wait, What?

So after that surprising cameo, He faces his challenger known as Black John. And Good Gosh, How did they get away with this? First of all, Black John is loosely based on Tron since he later becomes a protagonist (sorry to spoil this bit earlier) but the big thing is that he doesn’t look like Bruce Boxleitner. Instead, This is what Black John actually looks like…

Keith himself later found a way to escape and while travelling to a desert, He encounters Black John and they’re both kidnapped by a resistance led by Princess Sandy. Also, I’ve found another character more annoying than Keith and she even looks bad if I’ve shown you this pic below.

So with the help of Princess Sally and her human pirate sister Ann, Keith and Black John decide to take down Dr. Gerald Butler and his 300 soldiers but a sacrifice has to be made when Black John dies saving his newfound friends. While the mourning is short-lived, Keith went back to Butler’s carrier to take the antagonist down and… What The Fuck? How could the disc be thrown to the television screen with Dr. Gerald Butler… and killed him. THAT… IS… NOT… POSSIBLE!

Oh Shit, This movie is nearly over. So Dr. Kim and Sheila are back to their homeworld and Keith is found to be on another dimension full of Racecar Tournaments and… Oh Wait, He was daydreaming all along. The movie then ends with Keith and Sheila not kissing and remained as annoying and whiny as before.

The movie is a weird masterpiece and has few things wrong with it. Besides the Plot and the plagiarism, The acting is stupid, The dubbing is surprisingly recorded in a opera-staged studio (and loud) and the animation is okay but not in the bigger scale like Neon Genesis Evangelion and Akira. But I hate to say that it is kinda entertaining. And who knows? This mockbuster was released in 1987 while Tron was originally released in 1983 so maybe there’s a Savior Of The Earth: Legacy around the corner. Ha, No they won’t so instead I leave you a video of Princess Sandy dancing to Rick Astley’s classic hit.

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