Asylum Seeker: Savior Of The Earth

March 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

Okay, I’m preparing to give you the actual mockbuster to the first Tron movie and what a mockbuster it is. Believe it or not, There are sources on the internet whom mentioned this “Korean Tron Rip-Off” being unearth around November 2010 but almost all of them did not noticed that one of the clips from that movie I’m reviewing is being seen before in a weird cut-up compilation movie called Space Thunder Kids.

So while Savior Of The Earth also counts as Remakesploitation, I also considered this to be Mockbuster property. Also, There’s an original Korean title which translate as “Computer Nuclear Warship Bombing Operation” and it’s long enough to fail itself as an acronym title – CNWBO. So I’m ready to watch and what comes up in the beginning is a retro-futuristic opener…

And then something that I thought will never see – A trailer of the same movie I’m about to watch. Seriously, A trailer to Savior Of The Earth is shown right before the movie itself. And it’s so confusing that I can’t make sense of the trailer including the fact that the title “Savior Of The Earth” keeps popping up each 30 seconds and well, I laughed at who created and wrote this story…

Now, I’m ready to see the actual movie and hope it’s not a mindfuckery as the trailer itself. In the opening of the movie, We see that anywhere on the world from New York to USSR (or “Russian Satellite” as the next text explains in a confusing way) and what point of this is related to the story. Well, It involves Dr. Butler (first name is unmentioned so therefore, his first name is now “Gerald”) hacking through the worldwide technology thanks to his uh… something never explained. Then, We get to meet the heroes – Keith, Dr. Kim and Sheila. And since Keith is our Kevin Flynn here, He’s a very whiny annoyed counterpart here.

So while the protagonists is checking the problem, Dr. Kim and Sheila decide to send Keith to the Game Room because they think he’s whiny and annoying. The two somehow being send to uh… The Grid while Keith later joins them while playing a game (without any segue to how he got there unlike Dr. Kim and Sheila). And like Tron, He is forced to play the games like The Ring Game and Pac-Man. Wait, What?

So after that surprising cameo, He faces his challenger known as Black John. And Good Gosh, How did they get away with this? First of all, Black John is loosely based on Tron since he later becomes a protagonist (sorry to spoil this bit earlier) but the big thing is that he doesn’t look like Bruce Boxleitner. Instead, This is what Black John actually looks like…

Keith himself later found a way to escape and while travelling to a desert, He encounters Black John and they’re both kidnapped by a resistance led by Princess Sandy. Also, I’ve found another character more annoying than Keith and she even looks bad if I’ve shown you this pic below.

So with the help of Princess Sally and her human pirate sister Ann, Keith and Black John decide to take down Dr. Gerald Butler and his 300 soldiers but a sacrifice has to be made when Black John dies saving his newfound friends. While the mourning is short-lived, Keith went back to Butler’s carrier to take the antagonist down and… What The Fuck? How could the disc be thrown to the television screen with Dr. Gerald Butler… and killed him. THAT… IS… NOT… POSSIBLE!

Oh Shit, This movie is nearly over. So Dr. Kim and Sheila are back to their homeworld and Keith is found to be on another dimension full of Racecar Tournaments and… Oh Wait, He was daydreaming all along. The movie then ends with Keith and Sheila not kissing and remained as annoying and whiny as before.

The movie is a weird masterpiece and has few things wrong with it. Besides the Plot and the plagiarism, The acting is stupid, The dubbing is surprisingly recorded in a opera-staged studio (and loud) and the animation is okay but not in the bigger scale like Neon Genesis Evangelion and Akira. But I hate to say that it is kinda entertaining. And who knows? This mockbuster was released in 1987 while Tron was originally released in 1983 so maybe there’s a Savior Of The Earth: Legacy around the corner. Ha, No they won’t so instead I leave you a video of Princess Sandy dancing to Rick Astley’s classic hit.


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