March 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

While I’m having a weird month and no, It’s not something to do with my previous sickness. I’ve been busy writing other reviews while getting a new laptop and now that I’ve got it, It’s back to business. Now, I’m gonna do a review and it’s one of those Bargain Bin flicks that it’s either cheap and grateful or ripped-off despite it cost just two easy bucks. This one is kinda both since I don’t know what to think of this.

The movie is called Maniacts and yes, that is the title so I don’t know why they add one more letter in a movie about two mental patients in love so I’m not going for the “Poor Literacy is Kewl” thing here. It involves Joe Spinelli (Jeff Fahey) who is sent to Edgemare Institution for being a mass murderer who even leaves the dead bodies in his home which is what drives the Law Enforcers to check the smell of it.

At Edgemare, He begins his relationship with Beth Windsor (Kellie Waymire), a serial killer. Their antics including Joe doing his Jesus Christ pose has caused panic on Edgemare including… Lieutenant Callahan! Actually, It’s Matron Knull (Leslie Easterbrook) so let’s move on. While the institution plans to kill Joe, One of the workers Jumpy (Jeremiah Birkett) has let him escape before coming back and caused a riot which kills the corrupt owners and so on.

They escaped and finding a place to live which leads to encountering Prometheus Boley (John Furlong) who’s a psychic farmer and the movie went a bit weird but not in a David Lynch sense. So while staying there, Joe and Beth are making loud love before a wanted commercial caught the attention of realtor Simon Burke (Chris Maleki) which has him calling his set of Bounty Hunters who are quickly defeated.

Times have passed and the couple have one more plan up their sleeve – to assassinate Queen Elizabeth! Well, The Queen didn’t die but a mexican-style shootout killed Joe which leaves a pregnant Beth to adjust her new life without Joe.

The movie is like two interconnected stories. You have the quirky Prison Romance and the weird post-Breakout storyline that does leave me a bit bored but I’m also entertained because Jeff Fahey is enjoyable in this movie and you can’t keep a good actor like him down. As for Kellie Waymire, Leslie Easterbrook and others – They have their acting and moments. This movie is not really a rip-off of Natural Born Killers but it’s easy to get and worth a watch so there’s my take on the movie.


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