Asylum Seeker: War Of The Worlds II

March 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s been a while since I’m reviewing a movie by The Asylum and I wanna take on nearly everything by the company whether it’s boring, stupid or entertaining. And hey, I got heaps of things to look forward to like Kevin Nash as Thor’s father and possibly another Transmorphers movie. Which it is kinda something when the first Transmorphers ended with the humans winning and the second one involving how the robotic aliens invaded Earth so how could Transmorphers III pulled it off?

And I’m gonna surprise all to say that the only material based on The War Of The Worlds that I’ve seen is a George Pal movie, a Steven Spielberg movie and the first episode of the 1980s series. But I haven’t seen what is officially known as the first Asylum mockbuster ever. Why? Because I don’t have the copy of it at this time of writing.

Well, I’ll get to War Of The Worlds eventually so let me take on War Of The Worlds 2: The Next Wave. So following George Herbert (C. Thomas Howell) narrated previous the previous movie’s events before it flashes forward to two years after the invasion and the Martians are back for the second invasion… in under Five Minutes. Hmm, That was quick.

There’s actually two plots in one movie. First we get to see George Herbert (C. Thomas Howell) and his son Alex (Dashiell Howell) as they were supposed to enjoy peaceful times but tragedy strikes as The Martians had captured Alex and George initially has thought his son is killed (but he survives). While travelling around, He got captured by the martians and meets his comedic sidekick Pete (Christopher Reid) along with Sissy (Danna Brady) and two other characters that would be later forgotten for plot use.

The other plot involves George’s old friend Major Kramer (Fred Griffith) as he and his army forces decide to do the same thing that happened in Independence Day – Use their fighter jets and fight the alien forces. But there’s a surprise add of  awesomeness as the fighter jets have the martian technology that could have the battle taken place… IN SPACE! Also, They caught up in a time vortex which sends the battle to Mars.

After the three escaped from the mother ship, George and Pete ended up in the town to find Sissy who is infected by the Martian Virus… They meet up with Shackleford (Darren Dalton) who reveals the Town is created and placed in Planet Mars. And Shackleford injects George with the virus before the doctor dies. As for George, He got captured again.

Pete decides to sneak in to the tripod and freed George before he finds his son and injects his blood to the mothership and escaped while leaving Sissy and other human captives behind. They eventually find Major Kramer whom his ship is crashed to the town and escapes with the ship… again leaving the other human captives behind. What a bunch of assholes.

So George and the others returned to Earth (while the other captives are now dead) while partying. But Wait, The Radio Transmission is getting weird alien-like messages meaning the third invasion is gonna happen. Well, The movie has an open ending for a possible sequel.

The movie is okay and watchable. The effects are average enough, The acting is well done (except Christopher Reid) and the story is full of surprises. I’m gonna say that if you interested for this kind of movie, Then I say go for it.


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