Red Surf

April 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s pretty hilarious when celebrities have odd roles before they were famous like Sylvester Stallone in a Porn, Bruce Willis in an episode of The Twilight Zone or Michael Cera channeling Chuck Barris in Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. And Hey, The Next Best Thing comes along with his or her own Skeletons in the closet… like Bill Murray doing a voiceover in a Fantastic Four radio program.

But the weirdest “Before They Were Stars” part is George Clooney because while he has made a big break in ER, He previously appeared in some forgettable stuff like the unreleased Grizzly II and the released Return To Horror High. On Yeah, He also appeared in a 1980s Hospital Sitcom called E/R so that makes it two medical shows with the same two letters that George Clooney has starred in! And Now, We have another edition to pre-fame George Clooney filmography known simply as Red Surf.

Remar (George Clooney) is the leader member of a Surfer Gang that involves playing a prank to his friend Attila (Doug Savant), selling drugs to offscreen characters and being friends with Doc (Gene Simmons). I ain’t kidding here because George Clooney is actually in a movie with the lead singer of KISS. So later on, One of his friends known as “True Blue” (Philip McKeon) gets in trouble which has members of a rival gang seeing him the Police Station and it caught the attention of their boss Calavera (Rick Najera).

Meanwhile, Remar’s girlfriend Rebecca (Deedee Pfeiffer) has fallen Pregnant and decides to move away with Remar to Portland. However, Remar has to finish one more job which became abrupted as “True Blue” himself gets killed of which has his body being eaten by the dogs while his head is literally sleeping with the fishes. Both Remar and Attila found their buddy’s head in the sea which leads to the rival gang to do something drastic – Getting Remar killed off.

After Clooney’s exit to the movie, Attila, Doc and few others decide to do some payback which actually went successful. And Then, Attila and Rebecca decide to go to Portland to raise the family. So how does this movie hold out? It’s surprisingly enjoyable to watch since it has George Clooney acting very unlike his later roles since he’s living his life while it’s short, has his awesome late-eighties hair and even gets to say “Shitfaced” and “Blowjob” on screen.

As for the other actors, They acted okay but it doesn’t have the perfect style like Mr Ocean himself. While I did some checking, I come across the director’s name which is actually H. Gordon Boos (Yes, That’s his name) has made three other movies in his directorial credit – Touch Me, Perfect Assassins and The Vivero Letter. And while I haven’t seen it, I don’t know if it’s better than Red Surf. But I do say this, It’s a perfect double feature viewing along with Point Break so do find a copy and have fun with Clooney saying “Shitfaced” on camera.

COMING UP NEXT INSTALLMENT: My 50th Post on this site and it’s something I wish I never reviewed.


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