Seltzerberg-A-Thon Day 3: Meet The Spartans

April 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

What to say about Frank Miller? He’s an okay guy. We already know that he’s responsible for giving a grim-and-gritty feel to both Batman and Daredevil as well as being the creator of Sin City but he’s also criticized over both All-Star Batman And Robin and the theatrical adaptation of The Spirit. Sure, That movie is weird but I dug the All-Star Batman comic book. Yeah, You heard what I said.

Back to the Frank Miller part and he’s also responsible for the graphic novel 300 which like Sin City is faithfully adapted into a comic book. And then Seltzer and Friedberg decide to faithfully ruined the movie by parody it under their title called Meet The Spartans. Dammit, Why spoof a comic book adapted movie? At least Superhero Movie is better than this chunk of shit so now, I have to watch this idiotic flick.

This movies involves King Leonidas (Sean Maquire) denied Xerxes’ demands to have the land of Sparta ruled by him so a war is broken out between the Spartans and the Persians. Meanwhile, Leonidas wife Margo (Carmen Electra, and the character is loosely based on Gorgo) decides to shag Traitoro (Diedrich Bader, and the character is loosely based on Theron) before Traitoro betrays Margo. Pfft, What A Traitor.

The Spartans battle the Persians, Paris Hilton (Nicole Parker, and the character is very loosely based on Ephialtes) joins the Persians after not accepted because she’s deformed and Xerxes is now played by “the fat guy from Borat” (they even mentioned it during the movie) instead of Paulo from Lost. All In All, The paragraph above is exactly the same plot as Frank Miller’s 300 with Parodic Changes. So what else do I explain? The humor of this movie. Sure, Why Not?

Like the other movies, There are continuous jokes but this one has more than Epic Movie and Date Movie combined. It’s also bad to use jokes in scenes that is not necessary and when there’s a scene involving a computer mentioning that this movie is a “cheap ripoff of 300”, It definitely shows. Even the background is fake and not visually effected.

As for the acting, Sean Maquire failed badly and Ken Davitian (aka “that fat guy from Borat”) doesn’t really show humor in the same way as Borat and Get Smart. Carmen Electra plays a “Stock Slut Character”, Diedrich plays a “Stock Pervert Character” and the only one that nearly shows the true acting chops is surprisingly Kevin Sorbo himself. For a guy previously playing both Hercules and Kull, He act like he’s the only serious type here… that is until the Musical Sequence ruined it.

So in last words, Meet The Spartans is the worst parody of a movie that’s previously released a year ago. I could take the Wayans Brothers spoofing Scream in Scary Movie and I can safely say that Superhero Movie is good enough to spoof Spider-Man that is way better than the Spider-Man in this movie (Yeah, There’s a Spider-Man spoof in Meet The Spartans and the catch is Carmen Electra plays the webslinger!) but this… I can see why they rushed this out to release it that quickly. And also, Seltzer and Friedberg released Disaster Movie seven months later. What The Flying Fuck? And that’s another bad spoof movie I’m gonna watch now.

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