Band Of Outsiders

June 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

Ever since that single week of those spoof movies, I’ve needed a clean break to wash off those memories involving naked Flava Flav, a dog humping the Corpse and Ike Barinholtz losing his chance to be the funniest man of the decade. So I did some “soul-searching” and I’ve found a few things along the way – Robert Englund as The Phantom, Jay Barschel doing some Time Travel and even the first MTV Video Music Awards. But before I get to that, I’ve prepare to go to the French New Wave.

Now I’ve only seen a couple of Godard movies in my lifetime and will see many more in the future, This auteur inspired many people including Quentin Tarantino and Wes Anderson because without him, Who knows what movies are like? Maybe the Seltzerbergs are award winners in that What If scenario so I’m glad Godard is here along with other French New Wave auteurs and this is why I’m reviewing Band Of Outsiders.

This movie follows Arthur (Claude Brasseur) and Franz (Sami Frey) who have met their new friend Odile (Anna Karina) who has a plan. She tells them about a cash hidden in the place where she along with her Aunt Victoria and Mr Stoltz are living at which leaves the three to stage a robbery but there’s two things wrong with it – Never develop a loving relation which is what Arthur did and have another person (Arthur’s Uncle) knowing their plot.

So their plan has gone wrong, a couple of deaths is involved and there’s few twist and turns. With notable moments like A Minute of Silence or the Louvre Scene, This movie makes me wish I could be in 1960s France because his movie along with few others is not just the plot but a photo album of the past.

The acting is enjoyable, The plot which is adapted from Fool’s Gold, a 1958 American Novel by Dolores Hitchens which I never read is okay and the scenes are outstanding. It may be a while before I’ll take on a Godard movie again or movies by Fellini and others but it’s worth the wait. Band Of Brothers (or Bande A Part) is definitely recommended and worth my 12 bucks.


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