Asylum Seeker: Supercroc

August 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

On this installment, I’m doing something different since several Asylum movies involves Repeat Offenders like Debbie Gibson and C. Thomas Howell which leads to Scott Harper. He got his start during visual effects for Mortal Kombat, The Nutty Professor and Snakes On A Plane. But when he became involved with The Asylum on Dragon (which I’ll get to the future), The studio has giving his chance to be a director and only made two movies in 2007 before he strangely disappeared.

The first of his two directorial effort is Supercroc and man does this movie suck. It has the forgettable cast, a boring storyline and the low-budget CGI effects. I would watch an Roger Corman direct-to-dvd schlock like Sharktopus than this piece of turkey. Heck, This movie makes Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus look like a masterpiece.

There’s actually two plots in the whole storyline. The first plot involves Private Celia Perez (Cynthia Rose Hall) and Captain Joe Lynch (Matthew Blashaw) whom are the only survivors since their teams got killed by the Supercroc itself. While Joe has got nothing to lose, Celia just lost her fiancĂ©e to the creature but somehow got over the loss within a course of a single day. If I lose a loved one to some monster, I would grieve for much more than a day so moving on.

The second plot involves a group of characters within an Army Bunker located in Los Angeles where the deaths of the soldiers from the first plot are being watched by Dr Leah Perrot (Kim Little) and General McFadden (David Novak). Nothing happens much except that Leah has a secret plan involving preserving the Supercroc’s eggs instead of destroying it while a third character known as Major Falk (Marat Glazer) appears halfway in the movie and adds to some moments because he curses in some scenes and acts like an total asshole. Dammit, I watch a movie that mainly involves this type of character.

As for The Supercroc itself, It travels to Downtown Los Angeles to get its eggs back from the Army while causing rampage which includes killing Leah in her car. There are people running around and soldiers shooting an a fighter jet flying within a street. In the end, The monster is finally defeated thanks to the help of Celia and Joe but guess what? There’s a egg in the dumpster that Leah has hidden which has just hatched. This is such lame way to give this movie a sequelbait.

This movie is truly forgettable. It’s not worth the rental or anything and it’s better to check another movie instead of this. But unless you’re an insomniac who had trouble sleeping, Then this is the type of movie for you. Now, I’m gonna finish up on the second movie directed by Scott Harper so stay tuned.


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