Asylum Seeker: Alien vs Hunter

September 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

Why? Why did I watch this thing called a movie? Well, To complete this so-called “retrospective” on Scott Harper, I do have to talk about a movie that’s so bad that even IMDB Bottom 100 voted this movie out of the slot.While the reason for that is because another movie comes along and made its entry, I still think it needs its chance back there because since Epic Movie is still on the list, Meet The Spartans is still on the list, Disaster Movie is still on the list and even The Apocalypse is still on the list… But Alien vs Hunter!!! Well, It used to be on the list but it’s replaced by either a Seltzerberg schlockfest or The Hottie & The Nottie.

And I do hate to say this but Alien vs Hunter is kinda a step-up from Supercroc. Why did I say this? It has more plot and less filler than that one, It has one actor you remembered from one of the classic television series and It even manage to have the battle itself that’s spread throughout this movie unlike Mega Shark versus Giant Octopus. However, Saying that this movie’s a step-up doesn’t make it better.

Now what do I say about the plot? It’s fairly short. The movie primary involves Lee Custer (William Katt), a journalist whom along with a group of survivors must survive the battle between… A Giant Spider Alien and A Hunter who looks like he has won an award for “Worst Cosplayer Ever”.

Several survivors got killed in the field and within the Sewers. Yes, This movie has a Sewer Level and the ends with only Lee Custler and two other survivors. There, I done with the review so let me forget about this movie because I have enough with reviewing shitty movies. Yeah, I started with a good movie but now ended up with bad ones… I’m done with this review.

Fine, Fine. I do have little more to say about the movie and I forgot to mention the twist ending. First thing to say about this, The battle takes place in what seems to be the most forgettable town in existence. It’s usually a Quiet Town with less than twenty civilians living there but that’s kinda making me say that Twin Peaks has the same population as New Yorkers. And then, There’s also the usage of weapons… This movie has less weapon count than the Alien movies, the Predator movies and even fucking Supercroc.

As for the plot and acting, It’s here and there but not much to see anyway. Now I get to the visual effects part and it’s the same deal. And lastly the Twist… What can I say about the twist of this movie? Okay, The twist is that the Hunter turns out to be a human from Earth and the setting of the small town actually takes place on a similar planet… A Counter-Earth if you will. What… The… Flying… Fuck?

Heck, I do hate to say that these twists from those three movies are actually worthy in comparison. Why the fuck did I waste my time watching this movie? And not just this movie but also Supercroc, Twilight movies and even the fucking “spoof” movies. Well, At least it’s not made by the same guy who did The Apocalypse so at least I don’t have one other movie by the same guy… Oh, Wait. I forgot… I actually gonna do this next time… Oh Crap.


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