Quantum Apocalypse

October 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

UPDATE: Before I start this review, Let me make a few things clear. I know that there’s an video review series entitled “Asylum Seeker” done by Mike J and I’ll still keep my future set of reviews under that name because I’m a fan of his work before he recently released his first review. I’ve suggest you can check his work out at http://www.mikejeavons.com/ and don’t worry, I’m not gonna do a rant, lawsuit or feud against him so let him keep the title. Also, This review is actually complete despite the space below that seems to miss a screencaption joke.

One Year Ago, I’ve decided to review the abomination that is The Apocalypse. A movie so bad that it makes my review look clumsy itself. Now, I’m reviewing Quantum Apocalypse and why did I bring up that other movie in the first place? Both of these movies are directed by Justin Jones and both featured Rhett Giles as the main character. Oh, And both of these movies have the word “Apocalypse” in the title.

But here’s something different about this, This movie is actually not distributed by The Asylum themselves because it’s actually made for SyFy Original Films. And how can you tell it’s made for Skiffy itself? Stephanie Jacobsen, Gigi Edgley and Peter Jurasik stars in this movie. Hey, I even thought up a nickname for this movie now…

Okay, This movie has for subplots all connected to main plot itself. The first subplot involves the physicists – Trish Zane (Gigi Edgley) and Tom Lively (Collin Galyean) trying to think a way to save Earth within Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center. They discovered that the anomaly is a strangelet that’s heading to earth. Meanwhile, The Russian and Chinese decide to fire nukes to the North Pole that caused a polar shift which involves worldwide disasters like tsunami in The Big Apple.

The second subplot involves Mayor Ben Marshall (Randy Mulkey) whom tries to send Terry (Rhett Giles) to the Space Center because Terry is an autistic savant who knows a probable way to save Terra Firma himself. Later On, They encountered another vehicle and Ben suffered a heart attack so it’s up to Terry to drive to the center. I’m gonna say that Rhett Giles somehow pulled it off as an autistic protagonist and I’ve just thought of something so look below.

As for the third subplot, It involves Ben’s wife Lynne (Stephanie Jacobsen) along with their children Leo (Stuart Lafferty) and Samantha (Jenna Craig) hiding out and survive the disaster in the rescue center. However, Leo and his girlfriend Lindsey (Kristen Quintrall) leave the center to save for her family but finds her ex-boyfriend Sean shooting Leo and tries to rape Lindsey. Lynne arrived and stopped the madness only to have them and her house sucked away and presumably died.

The fourth subplot is rendered pointless since it’s about Peter Jurasik playing President Scott and he actually did nothing. Not since George W. Bush have I seen a commander-in-chief doing nothing at all. And now, I’m gonna go back to the first two subplots since Ben and Terry arrived to the Space Center and they succeeded saving Earth… However, They saved it by launching the nukes to the strangelet and time reverses back to the beginning of the movie.

Okay, How am I gonna put this movie? With the exception of a cop-out ending, It’s actually a good movie. The story is solid, The effects may be cheap but watchable and The acting is well-done. I’m not saying this movie is worth recommended but it is more watchable then The Apocalypse. And it’s not like… Uh, I’m not gonna say it because I’ll already jinxed it before and I’ve got few things to do before halloween.


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