Sliders – The Alternateville Horror

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Seeing as it’s nearly Halloween, I’ve decide to being a short series of themed reviews dedicated to the spooky holiday and the first one in the list involves one of my favorite series that is Sliders. And seeing as there’s more than one Sliders episodes that involves the paranormal themes like The Dream Masters, Tommy Chong The Vampire Hunter and Diet-Addicted Zombies. Yeah, Season 3 is a weird time for those stories so I’ll skip it to the next season where the story may be weirder but it doesn’t paid homage to movies… possibly except the episode I’m reviewing right now.

The Alternateville Horror (and that really is the name of this episode) is indeed what you expect but it takes place on the fortress of solitude for Sliders that is The Chandler Hotel. For Non-Sliders fanatics, This hotel is kinda a major base for Sliders characters for the fourth and fifth season. Although, It was originally Hotel 12 for the first two seasons before it became The Chancellor Hotel for the third which results into a lawsuit by the hotel of the same name. And also…

No time to waste so let’s get started, The episode begins with Quinn, his brother Colin, Rembrandt and Maggie Beckett enjoying their time talking about two drag queens dancing (I’m not kidding about that) before the clouds are covering out and causes acid rain in Los Angeles. And what’s weird is that Quinn had declared this world as “Acid Rain World” even though there is such existence of Acid Rain in our own universe.

So the four went to the hotel and are greeted by Mary (Elyse Mirto) who’s the hotel manager in this universe (and this universe only). While she explains why the four went out without protection against Acid Rain, Colin then used the immortal catchphrase that is “We’re From Canada” and this line is overused throughout the majority of the fourth season. And Then, Other hotel guests are suddenly running out because they preferred to suffer the acid raindrops instead of spending another hour in the hotel and the four still want a vacancy anyway!!!

After the teaser, Quinn and the others explained what happened with the other hotel guests but Mary never answered and got back to her duties. Quinn, Rembrandt and Maggie decide to go to the hotel bar but Colin wanna check out the telly which has Rembrandt telling Colin to check out The Spice Channel and it then has Colin looking at some movie about a Pizza Boy which might be pornographic (even though this is shown off-screen)… Okay, Is there such channel called The Spice Channel or something similar that I didn’t know existed?

Okay, Must be a product placement moment. Colin then changed the channel and we cut to the three in the hotel bar explaining if it’s a good idea to continue sliding. Mary appears and they all asked for the draft while she expains about why the weather is different on her world. And then she gives them a blue-colored beer… Okay, Nothing wrong with that. Then the real story begins as Colin watches Frankenstein but the telly has been turned off twice which is the working of a ghost kid which Colin then decides to follow. Well, Colin is a bit new at multiversal travel and he knows a little about the ghost stories and such.

Colin went to the bar and explained the deal along with him watching the movie. We then meet another guest who is… Darkman!!! With the acid rain happening, Do we now need people dressing up as superheroes? Back in the hotel room and Quinn and his brother continued explaining the recent happening which Quinn suddenly acts a bit comedic and out-of-character because he’s a non-believer in ghosts. Yeah, It’s not like he appeared in one episode as a ghost figure himself and encountering some psychic in a parallel… Oh Wait?

Maggie and Rembrandt then have their own encounters with the spirits which has Rembrandt seeing an invisible being writing things on the mirror while Maggie saw herself’s head in the ice freezer. We then cut to the point-of-view shot a ghost taking the group’s timer while the group walked away which has Darkman picking up the ice in the floor.

The group discovered the timer has been taken and decide to search where it is. The other three then meets Darkman which he is now not wearing the suit and went to his room full of electronics that is big enough to fit his own suitcase… Okay, How does he get the stuff in there? He revealed his name as John Smith (Lance Wilson-White) and it is actually his real name rather than the alias. Colin then did something to an artifact that somehow amazed John Smith.

Maggie searches the timer alone which leaves her being stuck in the basement, Quinn and Mary checked some rooms for the device and Rembrandt and Colin went outside the room where the child ghost went in. Rembrandt decides to go check the keys which Colin then sees the child ghost again and are being secretly watched by Darkman. Surprisingly, The keys to Room 315 is at the door and Colin went in to see some red lightning with the room. Darkman then goes in and runs out scared. And then, Colin became a ghost himself and now communicate with the ghost.

The ghost’s name is revealed to be Matthew (Colton James) and nothing much happens so let’s see what the others are up to. Rembrandt then meets Maggie and went out the basement. They meet up with Quinn and Mary which the group interrogate the manager. She then explains that the hotel is haunted (which has a better explanation in a second) and has been for five years. Mary also explained that her son Matthew disappeared and that’s why she stayed as the manager of the hotel which leads them to Room 315 and it’s actually a red vortex.

Maggie discovered Darkman’s thingy and went to his room which he explains that he’s looking for ghosts plus he himself theorizes that it involves alternate realities. Quinn then amplifies the quantum signal from the vortex and I’ve shit you not but this scene below is when we get from a haunted story to the WTF approach.

Rembrandt from this universe (or alternate reality, it doesn’t really matter) explained that he’s a scientist working on a anti-gravity machine that accidentally causes the Red Vortex to remained opened for years and so on. I’m gonna pause this episode for a second and explained this part, This is the dumbest counterparts of Sliders characters I’ve ever seen.

I’m not saying it’s bad but it’s dumb enough. It has Rembrandt as a scientist which I’ve already mentioned the Woops! part earlier. Quinn Mallory is somehow a mentally handicapped british rock star (!!) and Maggie Beckett is an exotic dancer… okay, I can’t complained about that one.

Back to the episode and Quinn’s double is acting very bad that it must be seen to believed. The quantum frequency is malfunctioned and Colin shouted Frankenstein which had them disappeared. Quinn then explained the vortex is unstable enough that it’s soon gonna be closed. He then found the idea thanks to Colin and decides to be heroic enough to save his brother and the others. The vortex is suddenly in the hotel’s dining room and Darkman tries to stop them… Then by a chance of coincidence, An electric storm hits the pole which has the cords attached to the device and knocks him out.

Quinn then went in the vortex and opens a portal which leaves the doubles to presumably returned to their universe (or this one, it still doesn’t matter) and the Red Vortex has closed but Quinn, Colin and Matthew survived, Darkman has the vortex data that might make him get the Nobel Prize (assuming it exists in this universe) and The Acid Rain is finishing up.

So there’s the episode and other than the doubles and Jerry O’Connell’s acting, The episode is okay and watchable and there is couple parts that’s never explained. If you wanna watch an episode of Sliders for this Halloween season, This could be worth checking out but it’s better to check out Into The Mystic, Gillian of the Spirits or The Dream Masters (which that one actually aired in October). So until then, I’ll back with something cool.


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