Asylum Seeker: 666 – The Child

October 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

Throughout the ages, We have our share of movies that had that so-bad-its-good feel to it. From The Rocky Horror Picture Show to Birdemic, The list goes on. However, It seems that The Asylum have done so many bad movies but never have I encountered a so-bad-its-good flick outside of Sherlock Holmes… Until Now.

The movie I’m checking out today is 666: The Child which is initially a knock-off of The Omen since the awful shot-for-shot remake was released the same year as the mockbuster. Heck, It even has the identical story structure. This movie is initially better than the one ruined by Julia Stiles and Liev Schrieber that it mixes stuff you might never see in five movies bearing “The Omen” title… Yeah, I’ve seen The Omen IV: The Awakening and that is worse than the remake.

The movie involves Channel 6 newscaster Erika Lawson (Sarah Lieving) and her husband Scott (Adam Vincent) deciding to adopt Donald (Booboo Stewart) who’s the sole survivor of the crash of Pacific Airlines Flight 7666 (Get It?). However, The early days of Donald as their adoptive son takes a deadly turn when Scott witnesses a crazy nun, People who didn’t suspect that Donald is the son of the devil died for no reasons and Scott getting a surprise blowjob from nanny (and satanic follower) Lucy (Nora Jesse)… I’ve just said the surprise blowjob part, didn’t I?

Near the end, Scott is the only survivor against Donald but a lone police officer (why he’s in their backyard?) shoots the adopted father and has the kid now adopted by Erika’s sister Mary Lou (Kim Little in her pointless short role ever) who is so nothing like Martha Stewart despite having that much similarities and it leads to the sequel which I’ll review soon. Ooh, What else can I tell you about this movie? A lot but I’ll short the review for the time being.

I did previously mentioned that the storyline is very identical to The Omen but there are changes involved like using the parents as media figures rather than political figures and having just the death scenes different so no David Warner lookalike with the window on his neck. As for the acting, It’s bloody hilarious. Erika’s performance as the newscaster is a total dull surprise that I don’t know if she’s trying to act, Donald act from a normal kid but near the end, He went full psycho on us that I’m thinking he’s on drugs or something. And the nanny Lucy… What does she have that the nanny from The Omen doesn’t?

There’s also fun involving the movie. Some scenes are just worth watching but the other scenes especially the ones involving any character’s death is comedy gold. Let me give a sneak peek to what I mean, The first death scene involves a nurse having sex with a doctor on the room next to Donald. There, He use his telekinetic powers to a pipe above the nurse’s head which broke and killed her while the hot smoke burns the doctor’s face.

What are their purpose for the movie? No idea. How is the death scenes that funny? You have to watch the movie for yourself because this might be taken seriously but it’s not. So if you something for Halloween or bad movie night, This is highly recommended and I do have a good time watching it. Trust me on this one because it’s worth the rental and Happy Halloween to us all. Now, I’m gonna check out the sequel and see if it succeeds or not.


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