Asylum Seeker: 666 – The Beast

December 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

Oh Boy, I’m up to the sequel that is 666: The Beast and what do I say about this? Well, It is a sequel to the first movie and it counts as a mockbuster of The Final Conflict: The Omen III. And I’ve got little to add except that is from Nick Everhart of 2012: Doomsday fame. Speaking of which…

The movie takes place presumably twenty years after the event of the first movie and no, there’s no flying cars or hoverboards in this time period – just anything made up to 2007. So Anyway, Donald Lawson (Chad Matthews) is now hitting thirty and having a quiet life with his pregnant wife Kate (Makinna Ridgway) but there’s a biblical prophecy happening when her twin sister Sarah (Makinna Ridgway again) became victims of few undead civilians and satanic worshippers. Also, Donald just scored a job from Ashmed (Amol Shah) plus he meet Sydonai (Alma Saraci) whom um… I’m sorry but I have to do this…

Meanwhile, Father Deacon Cain (Collin Brock) has travelled to Los Angeles from The Vatican and has to protect Kate whom her baby is the son of god himself plus she is getting hallucinated visions involving demonic faces and Donald killing somebody. Other than that, We get back to Donald doing his success in his job, having drinks his boss and secretary and porking Sydonai while Kate is getting a stigmata.

Following That, Ashmed and Sydonai turned out to be Donald’s followers themselves and Donald wants to forget his past in the first movie (which is seen in flashbacks) but changes his mind and now plans to kill his wife who’s about to give birth. Cain and Kate ended up in church with the most fake thunderstorms ever filmed and it constantly striking its thunderstorms for several minutes. Donald is near her path and kills some priests (including one that’s demon-possessed) but Kate manages to stab her husband and it depends on if The Rapture has been postponed yet again.

I would preferred The Omen III over this because Sam Neill did pull it off and I could still watch 666: The Child because it’s hilarious to watch but this one, it’s watchable but forgettable. The acting is average, the story is okay and that’s about it really. Now, I’m gonna review something from Christmas related so I’ll be back shortly.



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