Asylum Seeker: 2012 – Doomsday

January 8, 2012 § Leave a comment

Well, It’s now 2012 and I think it’s best to get on with the movie I’ve been dreaded to watch for the first time in over two years. And despite my schedule not going as planned, I will review this movie anyway and throw in three other movies that is directed to the year the calendar made by the Mayans is coming to an end. Well, Let’s get on with this one in the first part of uh…

And it pains me to say that I’m finally reviewing 2012: Doomsday, the first part of the so-called “Asylum’s 2012” series. Seriously, There’s technically four in the list and I’ll explain more on that on another time. I do however have to explain that this is the second movie I’ve done that’s directed by Nick Everhart. Since I give 666: The Beast an near-positive review, maybe I’ll do the same here.

And just like Supercroc, This movie involves subplots that are tied together to a the main storyline. The first involves Frank (Dale Midkiff) and his ex-wife Trish (Caroline Amiguet) whom both discovered a cross of Jesus Christ hidden in the ancient chamber in Orizaba. They did manage to take them and escape from the eventual volcano eruption which leads the couple to travel to Chichen-Itza and have their chance to save humanity from dangers of the forthcoming apocalypse.

The second subplot involves Sarah (Danae Nason) who meets up with photographer Alex (Joshua Lee) in Vera Cruz and I do say he’s a photographer because before meeting her for the first time, he takes pictures of her while hiding and follows her moves. In addition, Sarah and Alex travels around and needs to take Wakanna (Sara Tomko) to Chichen-Itza because she’s pregnant with the son of god while Sarah’s father Lloyd (Cliff De Young) also has to travel there to see if her daughter survived.

The third and final subplot involves Susan (Ami Dolenz) who’s a paramedic that doesn’t believe in god but is going to Chichen-Itza because… um… she has some dream visions involving pyramids and cross. I don’t know but she is joined by her devoted mother and the third subplot goes ahead with just them travelling there.

Prior to nearly all of them ended up in Chichen-Itza, Both Trish and Alex died on different circumstances while Susan’s mom mysteriously vanished because it’s The Rapture. Yeah, Why Not? It is after all co-produced by Faith Films. Susan alone and prepares to hitchhike with Lloyd and the travel resumes. Arriving in Chichen-Itza, Frank used the cross to open a hidden temple while Wakanna gave birth to JC himself and uh… Earth is saved from Doomsday. Well, There are disasters throughout worldwide and we got seven years of the antichrist doing his dirty deeds so the movie kinda ends there.

From a guy who has seen Left Behind and The Omega Code which is mentioned on the DVD cover, this is sadly the lowest eschploitational propaganda I ever seen and it’s up there with The Apocalypse. The first thing I could point out about the movie is the continuing use of both the time duration of the doomsday event and the locations. In fact, Here’s the screenshot example I could throw out…

As for anything else, The acting is average but I hate to say that Cliff De Young is incredibly wasted here. The story felt a bit near-complete and the visual effects is by The Asylum so I can’t argue with that one. And lastly, I do have to say something about Nick Everhart – How could you make two movies by The Asylum that ends with the second birth of Jesus Christ? Sure, The stories are different but you don’t have to remind us for that. Well, I’m done now but I’ll be back next week for another disaster flick.


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