Asylum Seeker: 2012 – Ice Age

January 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

Seeing as I’m finished with another religious propaganda movie, I’m now getting to the disaster movie that is 2012: Ice Age. But before I’ll get to it, This is probably an easy to go through the info because this is the only movie directed by Travis Fort who have done nothing else and as for the cast, we have Patrick Labyorteaux from JAG (which I never watched), Julie McCullough from Growing Pains (which I also never watched) and retired NFL player Cedric Scott (and I don’t watch sports so moving on). Hmm, I guess it’s time to get on to the movie.

The movie focuses on Bill Hart (Patrick Labyorteaux) whom drops his daughter Julia (Katie Wilson) off to Maine airport but however, his son Nelson (Nick Afanasiev) has contacted via radio transmission to Divya (Chacko Vadaketh) in Greenland where the place had a volcanic eruption which killed him in the process. Bill then decides to get his wife Teri (Julie McCullough) and travel to New York to get reunite with his daughter. And before I’ll get to the action, We have Cedric Scott as Senator Hooper whom only appears in just one scene and probably do it for the paycheck so wave goodbye to Mr Scott.

We then see Julie again in New York as she’s meeting her boyfriend Logan and nothing much happens so let’s get to the disaster as the glaciers are speeding towards America (amongst other places) and it involves pieces of giant ice falling to places which is caused by rockets shot by F16 fighter jets and this scene is kinda funny. The three did manage to escape unlike anybody else.

They got later involved in the car crash which they did survive but they have to take an abandoned van before getting to Boston. While there, the people over there are literally frozen before more fallen chunks of ice happens and so on. Back to Julie and Logan who decide to go to the tunnel but before that, one of her friends just got hit by a window glass off-screen which makes her walk outside the classroom and died.

The three are driving to Connecticut and met a crazy hitchhiker named Gary (Ted Monte) whom had stolen the van but he quickly dies when the van sinks so Bill and the others decide to walk for a few hours before ending up in somebody’s house and met some father and son whom appeared for a few minutes. While there, Bill decide to travel quickly with their plane and got near to New Jersey. Speaking of New Jersey, Julia and Logan ended up there. So other than the couple surviving, We see more F16 fighters destroying the glaciers before it hits the big apple so let’s get into something completely different.

The movie is nearly finish so let’s skip to Julia reuniting to her family and them meeting Logan for the first time as their only chance of survival is to travel to the Hudson river and get to the top of the Statue of Liberty. And then, the F16 fighters successfully destroyed those glaciers but it only has the family (and Logan) as the only survivors since all the people in New York and New Jersey are now covered in ice.

I do give it this, this is the most fun movie so far that has 2012 in the title. It is scientifically inaccurate like any other Asylum flicks, Its acting ranges from okay to laughable and the story may be a rip-off to The Day After Tomorrow but hey, it is hilarious to watch and it’s just a fun bad flick anyway. So all there left now is to watch the one with the undead so see you next time.


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