Doomsday Prophecy

January 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

So with all that, You all might think I’m taking on Roland Emmerich’s disaster movie… No, I’m not doing that. The reason why I’m not reviewing it is despite the many scientific falses in that movie, it is somewhat enjoyable. So instead, I’m taking on Doomsday Prophecy, an SyFy Original Movie that is inspired by the Mayan Predictions.

And before I’ll start, Let me say something about Jason Bourque. What is up with this guy? Other than making episodes of The Two Coreys, He has made disaster movies involving superstorms – 2006’s Dark Storm and 2012’s Seattle Superstorm. And it doesn’t make it better than the movie I’m reviewing has a bit of stormy weather so is Jason some sort of a meteorologist as well? I don’t know but he did also made Termination Point which on yeah, the cover involves lightning as well.

Enough talking about the weather so on to the movie, This movie primary involves Eric (A.J. Buckley) whom after being a proofreader gets a mysterious message from author Rubert Crane (Matthew Walker), he then travels to the guy’s place only to find him dead and a rod that gave him premonitions of the future. He became wanted by the government along with archaeologist Brooke (Jewel Staite) and they’re on the run to stop the world from being destroyed as it reaches galactic alignment.

With disaster after disaster, Eric and Brooke are near the place of destination which involves statues similar to those of Easter Island. So before Eric decides to save the world, Alan Dale appears as… well, Alan Dale since his role here is like any other roles he has played (including Neighbours). Back to the story and Alan Dale interrupted their actions which immediately killed him in a stupid fashion. So with the assistance of Agent Garcia (Bruce Ramsey) and Dr Sparks (David Richmond-Peck), Eric and Brooke successfully save the world and the movie ended with time reversing to the point we see Terry Marshall (Rhett Giles) is making pancakes.

So okay, this movie is not by The Asylum but seeing as it’s from the Skiffy network… it’s still not saying much. Jewel Staite did try her best getting out of her well-known role in Firefly and Alan Dale is a one-dimensional character like he usually is. The story is okay, the acting is just acted and there’s really nothing much so it’s best watched for curiosity’s sake. So yeah, This is the best way to end the theme month but with a boring movie rather than a bang.


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