Asylum Seeker: Sex Pot

March 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

In terms of teen comedies where it focused twenty-plus year old actors playing teenagers who either wanna get laid, smoke some joint and so on. I don’t mind watching them even if they are bad but this Asylum movie known simply as Sexpot is a Teen Comedy that gave me a massive, massive mindfuck. Besides the cliché and its own humor, this movie is so surreal that it makes Steve Stifler look like Albert Einstein.

Uh, Let’s just get to the movie. It involves Spanky (Rollin’ Perry) and Mert (Seth Cassell) who spent their day together for two things – Getting high and trying to get laid. Later On, They decide to play peeping tom by going outside their window and take a peek to the next door which involves two ladies taking their clothes off and so on. And then, Mert decides to do the unthinkable by jerking off on and in front of his buddy so call The Darwin Awards because they about to have another dumb victim.

The guys then get caught but don’t worry, the ladies later invited them for a party in Malibu. As they decide to travel, they got in a bikini car wash before they decide to lend some guy cash to buy alcohol which if you can guess, he leaves off. They also meet up with two prostitutes and one of them decides to do a reenactment of The Crying Game. But instead of sex, the prostitutes join them to go to the party but Spanky throws a stash away because a police car is nearby. After that, the four decides to find the stash which then leads to… two houses that has a teenage party in the basement and a lonely boy’s birthday party in the living room! I don’t get the meaning here.

Okay, Spanky had lost his virginity to the mysterious girl known as Skank… which you may not believe this and it’s another gross-out moment because Spanky had just gone down with his twin sister Ellen (Teryl Brouillette).

Following That, The duo finally arrived to the party where Spanky shagged the other prostitute Princess (Michelle Penick) while Mert did the workout (within a workout room) with his brother’s crazy ex-girlfriend Pinky (Lindsey Ahern) who followed them. Oh, And the partygoers had a massive orgy as well. The movie then ends with the guys going back to the hometown while Mert continues smooching Pinky and then it ends like this…

What else do I say about this movie? This movie is fucked-up to the extreme and I don’t how they got away with this. It’s almost as if John Waters had suffered brain damage and decides to make teen comedies. It does have jokes, it does have acting and it does have moments even if it sometimes come off as predictable (and I didn’t mention other moments in this movie but trust me, I already said enough on this). Oh Man, I don’t wanna know what other teen comedy flicks that The Asylum is like so I’m kinda afraid now but will face it anyway.


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