The Bibleman Show: Back To School

April 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

It has been a while but I’m finally reviewing another Bibleman adventure. And to be honest, I had been waiting this long to get my hands on the second episode. Sure, I got other episodes and would have review them straight away but I don’t know why. I could say that it’s because those first two episodes are out of print and hard to find but I don’t think that’s the case. Well, Let’s just jumped to the second episode called Back To School anyway.

The episode involves Miles being kidnapped by Madame Glitz (Cindy Phillips) who had kept a surveillance watch on his place while knowing Bibleman’s secret identity. The reason why Miles is kidnapped is because she wants the school to not feature the hero and causing his reputation ruined which is a better villain plan than Dr Doom trying to switch bodies with Daredevil (Yeah, A dictator switching bodies with a blind person). Other than that, There’s a subplot involving two school students (their names are not necessary) making a bet for their comics to see if Bibleman makes an appearance or not.

Bibleman did managed to escape and put Madame Glitz on the television for what I presumed it to be for good and makes it to the show and joins the kids for bunch of musical numbers. One kid who lost his bet doesn’t care about the comic and thinking it’s tamed but Bibleman himself did appear in one comic book storyline plus he’s a superhero that this kid saw on stage… hypocritical much.

I do have to say that this episode is not worth checking out because the Bibleman plot only goes for less than ten minutes, the Betting Kids subplot is pointless and not necessary and there’s heaps of musical numbers to pad the timing. In addition, Madame Glitz is one of the worst villains I ever seen and resembles a crazy cat lady pretending to be a soccer mom which doesn’t work. I do say that her henchmen known simply as “The Thug” (Joe Phillips) should have a better villain but he only appeared in one scene which involves him capturing Miles and that’s about it.

So what else do I say about it? It should have stayed hard to find and out of print but it’s not over for me reviewing Bibleman’s adventures as I got a bunch more that I had yet to watch along with Bibleman Jr which featured Jim Varney… So yeah, Ernest did went to Bible Camp after all.


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