Time Under Fire

July 21, 2012 § 1 Comment

Ever since my review for Maniacts has been released, I’ve been tracking down other lesser-known movies that stars Jeff Fahey and there has been some I found. From The Sketch Artist to True Blood, he has performances that comes from awesome to mediocre and this movie is one of them that’s awesome since not only it’s a good story and he’s one of the main characters but there’s other known faces like Jack Coleman, Bryan Cranston and Richard Tyson whom you might know from a little movie called Kindergarten Cop and if you seen that movie but don’t know who is Richard Tyson, here’s the following screen that might refresh your memory.

In addition, Time Under Fire (also known as Beneath The Bermuda Triangle) is produced by New Horizons Pictures which is formed by the great Roger Corman himself so yeah, I do expect some cheesy lines and action scenes anyway. The movie focuses on Alan Deakins (Jeff Fahey) whom is the only survivor of USS Alabama after it went through the time rift and his team got mysterious killed before it gets back to its own time. At that time, he’s a patient in Wiedergott Center for Mental Heath and he is closely observed by Lance McCarthy (Jack Coleman) who works for Paranormal Activities.

Lance then tries to convince Charles Braddock (Bryan Cranston) about releasing Alan and go back to discover what’s on the other side of the rift. He agrees and it leads to Alan escaping two special force members Cole (Larry Poindexter) and Hawks (Richard Cummings) instead. Yeah, They rescuing him from a harmless doctor and few security guards instead of getting paper documentation for his release so that’s unexpected. So Anyway, Alan is freed and have a long-awaited reunion with his wife Jeannie (Kimberly Stevens) which has them talking stuff before going to bed to… well, you know.

Alan and Lance then prepares for the mission and they’re joined by few other people including Majorie (Linda Hoffman). Going through the rift, they traveled from 1997 to 2077 and got immediately attacked before being captured by troops led by Koda (Richard Tyson). They allied with another prisoner Spitz (Chick Vennera) and they had gone to the base led by General Braddock. And then, Alan and few others escaped with the help of Spitz and had gone to resistance cell that’s led by Alan’s grandson John (also played by Jeff Fahey) and what I’m gonna show you now is what John looks like and I’m lost for words.

Shall I explain everything? It’s Jeff Fahey as Snake Plissken and it was at the point I nearly stopped the movie and laugh at what I just seen. Yeah, I consider this a rip-off but it’s Jeff Fahey and I can handle it. However, he’s not the only character being ripped off by another so ever wonder what General Braddock looked like in 2077. Well, Prepare for this image…

Back to the movie and John explained how the future got dystopic and fucked up. He explains that Braddock became vice-president in 2015 shortly before taking over the seat after the president got assassinated. War then broke up and few nukes were flying which global warming accelerate further than before. As usual, it’s just an average dark future but whatever, I’m fine with that. Also, The only other thing I should mentioned is that the president who died in 2015 is named Peter Jackson… let me say this again… Peter Jackson is the US President in the future.

Following the historical exposition, they went to invade Braddock’s base (which is disguised as a refinery) and rescue Lance from captive while we get scenes of shooting and so on but there’s also a scene involving a stereotypical scientist who sucks at holding the gun that he falls down to the ground. There is a reason why Braddock hired the guy and that’s because he’s guarding the cyborgs. With few dead, the others escaped and went to a car chase with Alan destroying the police vehicle with a bazooka.

Before heading back to the sub, they encountered John who is thought dead back in the base but it turns out to be a cyborg. Cyborg John nearly went on to kill Alan but he got found out and the machine died instead. Near the time rift, they also got in a dogfight with Koda’s sub and long story short, Koda and his troops got defeated. The movie not yet over as they returned in 1997 along with Spitz and Lance is about to convince the guy to change the future but surprisingly, Braddock is a evil bastard at the time as well and Lance knows his actions so he shoots Braddock only to reveal that he’s a cyborg instead. The real Braddock comes out of hiding in another office and there’s little shootout before Braddock finally got shot in the elevator.

As for Hawks, it turns out he’s secretly betraying the team by working for Braddock for money and is assigned to kill Alan. He goes to their house and Alan survived the shooting but his wife died instead. Lance, Majorie and Spitz arrived too late before Spitz revealed that Majorie is gonna be John’s grandmother. Flashing forward to a few weeks and Spitz is telling his story involving how he got back from the future to a group of people claiming to be FBI but it turns out to be other employees of Braddock who is resurrected as a cyborg or something. Spitz got killed and the movie ends.

I already explained the movie is nothing but awesome and just in case, I do see plotholes, predictable elements and clich├ęs which I don’t mind really so it’s just a usual time travel action flick for me. Besides Jeff Fahey, Jack Coleman did well as his friend, Bryan Cranston play a good villain along with Richard Tyson despite him being typecast for the part. There’s nothing much to say but it’s worth checking out.


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