Dr. Chopper

November 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

Over the weekend, I tried looking for a certain movie to fit in this Halloween season. I could go with any mockbuster flick or something else but in the end, I decided on a movie that I saw in a bargain bin and for a reason. Since I reviewed The Amazing Bulk months earlier, I do have a look at Lewis Schoebrun’s other works and found this for fifty cents so I decide to go for this one. It may not have actors having fun in greenscreen but oh man, this is as cheesy as it gets for a horror movie.

The movie focuses on Nick (Robert Adamson) whom after suffer the loss of his mother, he got her will which includes that she used to own a cabin residing in Lake Tatonka. So while he takes his girlfriend Jessica (Chelsey Crisp) and few friends, they did not realise that Dr. Felding (Ed Brigadier) and his two disfigured nurses are hiding there due to the fact that he has been doing killings for over twenty years which brands him a nickname known as “Dr. Chopper”. Meanwhile, Sheriff Terrell (Costas Mandylor) has been on the hunt for his trail but after twenty years, he has fallen to hard times due to the loss of his partner and wife.

So few more killings had occur and Nick reveals that he sends his girlfriend and few friends here on purpose because he already knew Felding is his father. Felding then discovers Jessica’s blood is the key to immortality (which is his actual reason for killing people) and Nick tried to stop his father from killing her but instead, he died. Jessica did manage to escape to the school where Terrell is there and the final showdown occurs with Felding stabbing Terrell but still survives enough to get him and the doctor is defeated. The movie ends with Jessica getting help as Terrell continues bleeding but will die eventually since of the doctor’s nurses still survives enough to give a movie ending jump scare.

The movie is not scary but it is hilariously bad. The acting ranges from good to really hammy (notably when it comes to Felding and Terrell), the story is predictable but enjoyable nonetheless and the design of Dr. Chopper is okay by me. Although, there are couple downsides to this. First thing to say about it is that sex themes in this movie. While there is characters making love, the actresses only do it in bras and I can understand the “no nudity” clause but it’s a horror movie with gores and languages, where’s the T&A portion of it? Just to note, there is still such thing as body double so did they even think of that?

Anything else is a minor subplot involving Leslie (Rose Swim) looking for her girlfriend Donna (Miranda Kwok) in the woods for few days. For that amount of time, she should have given her up and can start to cope with her loss but there’s the thing, she puts a missing person poster of her in a board full of other missing people. Now I can understand that she might be love-sick but really, a few days and nights in the woods without anybody else will simply get you killed. Eh, There’s also another minor subplot involving sorority girls but that one is the useless part of the movie.

So besides these two points, I still say the movie is hilariously bad so do check it out even if it’s not Halloween and stay out of the woods before Dr. Chopper gets you (or the Deadites and yes,  I’ve seen Evil Dead remake trailer and is pretty good but it’s obviously not in the same spirit as the original).


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