That’s My Boy

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Back on my review of Jack And Jill, I mentioned that there’s a Adam Sandler movie worse than that one and the fact I had to write a review on that. Weeks have passed and I’m finally done with a review of That’s My Boy which is exactly what I’m referring to. I also gonna say that this is easily the worst movie of 2012 as well and nothing else can replaced this. After seeing this a few times, it made me feel painful and disgusted that it caused me to rewrite this and be done with it after posting it.


This movie focuses on Donny Berger (Adam Sandler) who in involved in a teacher-student relationship with Mary McGarricile (Eva Amurri Martino & Susan Sarandon) back in 1984. After their love has been exposed to the public, it landed her in prison while Donny suddenly became an instant celebrity in both the 80s and early 90s. It also cause him to have the sole custody of his son Han Solo Berger (Andy Samberg) until the eighteenth birthday when Han moved out of his father’s place and tries to adjust a life of his own.

Dennis Dugan

It’s 2012 and Donny has been having money problems so upon reading a magazine that has an article where his son (now under the name of Todd Peterson) is having an upcoming wedding with Jamie (Leighton Meester), he decide to make a deal with Randall Morgan (Dan Patrick) by using Han for a televised reunion with him and Mary who’s still in prison. So with that, he invites himself to Jamie’s family home (as Todd’s best friend) and hijinks ensues like Han getting beat up by Father McNally (James Caan), Donny having sex with Jamie’s grandmother and a “wacky” bachelor’s night with Vanilla Ice himself.

James Caan 1

On the eve of the wedding, Donny discovers that Jamie (Leighton Meester) is in a secret incestuous relationship with her brother Chad (Milo Ventimiglia) and then sets out to stop Han Solo from getting married along with revealing the relationship to Jamie’s family and friends. He succeeds with that and the movie ends with Donny winning the bet which is enough to release Mary from prison while Han Solo having a new relationship with Brie (Ciara).


This might be one of the hardest reviews I ever wrote and I already mentioned much about this being worst movie of 2012. Before I get to why, I have to bring up two things about the movie. First is the basis of the Donny/Mary storyline. The thing I want to mention is why the movie is partially a riff on the infamous relationship of Mary Kay Letourneau and Vili Fualaau which is noticeable when not only that the teacher have the same first name to the real life counterpart but both sort-of have their own made-for-television based on it. I say sort-of since the telemovie within this film’s continuity is more about Donny Berger whom is played by Ian Ziering of all people and that casting is kind of odd.

Ian Ziering

The second I want to brought up is strange connections with the Star Wars franchise. I’m not talking just about the fact that both Star Wars and this movie has a character known as Han Solo but both involves incest themes. Really? Is Adam Sandler trying to make this a comedic slashfic of Luke and Leia? Hmm, that might make James Caan this movie’s answer to Darth Vader which is kinda hilarious.

James Caan 2

Okay, done with those and on to why this movie is worse than anything Adam has done to date. I get that this is him trying out for the raunchy comedic style but honestly, he failed at that big time. Adam’s character is obnoxious, sexist and not worth rooting for. I felt sorry for Andy to be in this but do get that Adam is his comedic influence. I also felt sorry for James, Susan and even Vanilla Ice to star in this and that’s saying something since prior to seeing the movie, I thought he’s gonna be a useless celebrity cameo but he is instead a supporting character which almost makes it his first major theatrical role since Cool As Ice.


The story does nothing much to it, the comedy is not well funny and the less said about themes involving pedophilia and incest, the better. This movie might as well be Adam giving his middle finger to the critics who bashed his work but then again, he made this prior to the release of Jack And Jill so I might be wrong on that. All I can say is that this is the most uncomfortable movie he ever starred in and not worth checking out even if you like his movies before this.


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