Best and Worst of 2011 & 2012

January 1, 2013 § Leave a comment

Well, As you can see. I’m still alive after the apocalypse hoax and while I didn’t review anything christmas related, I will make up for it later this week. In the meantime, I’m making my best and worst choices for 2012 along with the same for 2011 since I don’t honestly know why I forget to write the article for that but let’s just get this thing started.

Best Movie Of 2012: Looper – I’ve been a fan of Rian Johnson’s work for a while and this one is such a sleeper hit that it has woken up the mainstream audience. This is honestly one of the best time travel movies I’ve seen in a while (and I did see Hot Tub Time Machine and FAQ About Time Travel) because really, Joseph Gordon-Levitt fighting his future self that’s played by Bruce Willis? Fucking Sold.

Best Movie Of 2011: Red State – I already much in detail on that review and I choose this over Melancholia because it really is the most unexpected movie that Kevin Smith has ever directed. I’ve been a fan of him since the late nineties and this is one of his best since Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back (the others after that are range from good to okay but that’s about it).

Worst Movie 2012: That’s My Boy – You know what? I talk too much about that in review so blah blah blah – Incest is evil and so is pedophilia – blah blah blah – still feel sorry for a couple of veteran actors – blah blah blah – let’s just move on from this because I really hate this movie.

Worst Movie 2011: Bucky Larson: Born To Be A Star – Now I’m getting somewhere. To Me, This is what Boogie Nights looked like if it’s directed by a total jackass that thinks Channing Tatum should be a five-time oscar winner. I’m never a fan of Nick Swardson and this is not a good breakthrough for him (but at least he did have another in 30 Minutes or Less). This movie is not worth checking out for him and other actors like Christina Ricci and Pauly Shore since they did nothing much here.

Best Television Show 2011: Shameless (US) – I’m haven’t seen the british version and don’t know what to make of it in this time but the americanized version is hilarious with William H. Macy being sold to the role. Besides him, Emmy Rossum and Justin Chatwin have surprising good performances here and better the movies they starred in. It’s a good watch so check it out.

Best Television Show 2012: Red Dwarf X – While I did enjoy Back To Earth, I can’t lie when it’s not the comeback we have hoped for. But with this series, it is worth the watch when it comes to the crew dealing with the new computer, two vending machines and… Eh, Jesus Christ! Well, that’s something. Plus the final episode called The Beginning kinda makes the whole series come in full circle since the first episode is of course, The End so if this is the last series ever, they did manage to go out with a bang.

Worst Television Show 2011: Ben Elton’s Live From Planet Earth – This show is beneath Ben Elton and I don’t know why he defended it for three weeks before cancellation. Knowing his work on Blackadder, him doing a live variety show would have been something but instead, it’s bad and is enough that a sketch involving female singers living together killed it amongst few others I don’t want to mention. Will Ben get back to his game or is the time already passed? We’ll never know.

Worst Television Show 2012: Rob! – I do know that Rob Schneider did have sitcom works before but this show about him married to a girl half his age and filled with jokes that’s racially insensitive is a cancellation in the making. I don’t know why Cheech Marin would say yes to this but he’s the only thing to make me watched this sadly enough.

Worst Song 2011: LMFAO – Sexy And I Know It – This song made me feel ill that I don’t know why it hits the top of the charts. I hate this song to death and I wish not to hear it again. When I first heard it, I became shocked by this that I thought Dirty Bits by Black Eyed Peas was the tip of that iceberg but no, this song is bad enough that Ron Jeremy and David Hasselhoff wants a piece of it. Uhh, let’s just move on.

Worst Song 2012: John Travolta & Olivia-Newton John – I Think You Might Like It – Some say that this song ruined Christmas but to me, it made me feel sad for them. No, I don’t think I like it and the song is already been criticized enough so the only thing I can say about this is the video is “Birdemic of Music Videos” to my eyes since the quality says it there.

Best Album 2011: Foo Fighters – Wasting Light – I thank Dave Grohl for making this album because being a Foo Fighters fan for a long time, this one is never disappointing. Walk, Rope and I Should Have Known are awesome along with the rest and I do have a good deal for getting a good copy of the album for three bucks. If you like Foo Fighters and don’t have this album, do get it and listened to it all day. And just to note, I do put Walk as my favorite song of this year.

Best Album 2012: Muse – The 2nd Law – Not gonna lie but I was actually mixed before this album came out when it comes to Dubstep and Survival. After hearing it, it’s good but there is little flawed moments (I already mentioned Survival, didn’t I?). Also, I do have other choices besides Muse like The Smashing Pumpkins’ Oceania and Bruno Mars’ Unorthodox Jukebox so at least I’m not going Muse fanboy on this (at least I hope). Also, Follow Me is my favorite song of this year.

Worst Album 2011: Metallica & Lou Reed – Lulu – As an album by Lou Reed, it would something that I can that’s a little positive since he did do Metal Machine Music. But as an album by Metallica, I haven’t been a fan of them for a while (about before Napster and St. Anger) but they did have some good moments. This is not one of them and the collaboration would have been good on paper but not good in our ears.

Worst Album 2012: The Insane Clown Posse – Smothered, Covered and Chunked -If you read my review of Death Racers, you can tell that I’m not fond of ICP so I’m not really a fan of them. And I hope the fans themselves won’t take it the wrong way when I say that this is possibly the worst cover album I heard in my lifetime. I can take them covering NWA, House of Pain and Public Enemy since the posse were themselves hip-hop but when it comes to them covering Shout or State of Shock, it made me facepalmed. Strangely enough, it makes Duran Duran’s Thank You seem better by comparison so I never thought of saying something like that.

So there’s my list and if you agree or disagree, do give your opinion about it. Other than that, I have to finish that late Christmas review.


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