Defcon 2012

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So seeing as I’m done with a late Christmas review, I’m now looking onto a movie that also has to do with the craze even though it doesn’t much take place at that exact timeframe. Other than the fact the movie is called Defcon 2012, it does have an alternate title being 2012: Armageddon which I’m surprised seeing as the likeness of the title makes me think it’s by The Asylum but it’s actually not. Granted, it is only an alternate title anyway and the reason for that is because it’s part of the box set that includes few 2012 movies made by the company.

2012 Armageddon

Before I get to the movie, I did a research on this and I had to congratulate star/writer Brian Shotwell for the way he was plugging the movie. Not only he’s the only person to give a positive review on IMDB but he also made comments saying stuff like the fact that this movie was once ranked #225 on IMDB back in March 2012 and so on. Now, I have to give my thoughts on the movie and who knows if I might get a comment from him or not.


The movie begins in September 2012 at the headquarters of Central Extraterrestrial Agency as we see a nameless agent walking to the building which a document that contains a movie that was made by a filmmaker whom disappeared along with the cast and crew and caused a media frenzy. With that, the agent decides to watch it and see what is in there and what is that movie about exactly? Well, it’s a story that takes place two hundred years after an alien invasion that began on December 21st, 2012.

Cancer Man

Going within that movie’s storyline and it focuses on intergalactic thieves Kaynin (Brian Shotwell), Rune (Albertossy Espinoza) and Archer (Justin Brusca) who arrived on Earth to look for treasure but after Archer got murdered, the two decides to find the murderer. Then then encountered Tak (Xu Razer) and Axton (Thema Johannsen) who are both telepaths that’s been on Earth for a while so they team-up and continue finding the killer which includes endless minutes of them just wandering around with guns.

Archer 1

Shortly after that, they meet up with E-San (Shy Pilgreen) who is one of the residents living in Shelter City that’s located underground and explains that Majestic-12 is a project that transformed few humans into alien-like beings and set off an alien invasion a couple of centuries earlier. She then walked away alone and the group continues wandering around. Nothing much happens except that Axton disappeared in front of the three before she’s found again. The group then discovers Archer alive and in ally with the antagonist known simply as Vulkl before the villain himself appears and kills Archer again.

Archer 2

Archer is again resurrected but for a short time before getting his neck snapped by Kaynin. Along with E-San, the four found a portal that sends them to Zero Point Station and defeat Vulkl once and for all. They succeeded and escaped back to Earth where they all reside in Shelter City preparing for war against their enemies. The movie then ends with a revelation that the mysterious agent himself will be Vulkl and after watching the movie where his future self got killed, he decide to go ahead with the alien invasion plan and follow the path to getting himself killed 200 years from now.

This movie is not much for me and I shall get to a few problems first. One is the title which is not that frightening at all since I’ve googled Defcon system and find that Defcon One is the level that is enough to make us panic and not Defcon 2012 at all (I don’t mind the alternate title though). Another is Kaynin’s narration since at times, he goes on about stuff like Archer’s death and Earth is a wasteland. I don’t mind the character at all but the narration irritates me to the core that it reminds me of the stupid stuff Superboy Prime says in comics.


The last problem is the movie-within-the-movie itself and it raises questions like – Where did the filmmaker go? How did this get filmed? Is he some sort-of a time traveler? Is the movie for real or a hoax? and many others. Problems aside, it’s just a usual micro-budget sci-fi movie. I don’t mind the acting (besides Kaynin’s narration), don’t mind the storytelling (minus the questions I just brought up) and I don’t mind the fact that the movie is mainly filmed in an abandoned shopping mall in Palm Springs, California. All in all, the movie is not for me but it just exists anyway.


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