Asylum Seeker: 2013 – Rise Of The Zombies

January 30, 2013 § Leave a comment

As the month has come to an end, I’m so stoked about this because I’m reviewing a sequel to 2012: Zombie Apocalypse. What? George Romero has made five movies after Night of the Living Dead and despite having zombies, each of these films has different variety of human characters. So it’s easy that Nick Lyon decides to go to that route and become The Asylum’s answer to the director. Also, it may be actually called Rise of the Zombies but it also carries an alternate title as seen below so there you go.


Going straight to the movie and it primary focuses on survivors living in Alcatraz Prison. However, their chance of survival is interrupted as we see the dead appearing from the oceans so I had to wonder how they managed to swim all the way from San Francisco. Following a little shootout, Dr. Lynn Snyder (Mariel Hemingway) and other survivors decide to go back to the city to both survive and get a little vaccine created by Dr. Arnold (French Stewart) but Dr. Dan Halpern (LaVar Burton) stays behind to find a cure himself with his lover Julie (Kerisse Hutchingson) being one of the deceased.

Dr Arnold

The survivors traveled to the city and after a little zombie attack in the sea, the group splits into two. With Lynn, she is joined by Marshall (Ethan Suplee), Ashley (Heather Hemmens) and Jud (Peter Ngo). The other group includes Caspian (Danny Trejo), Kyle (Chad Lindberg) and two other survivors. On to Caspian’s group and they went to somebody’s home and gather supplies but a zombie appears and kills the three which leaves Kyle as the only survivor. As for Lynn’s group, that’s where the craziest shit is about to happen.

Zombie Machete

While they’re in Golden Gate Bridge, they noticed zombies climbing to the bridge from the sea and they battled it out. After a battle which has Jud die on a car explosion, they discovered two survivors – a dog and Pauline (Kim Little) who’s hiding in the hospital van and is also pregnant. She got out of the van and a zombie hiding under it bite her so she died. As for the baby, Lynn quickly performs the c-section to get the baby out and then, the baby quickly became the zombie which leads to Ashley stepping on it in the ground.

Gangnam Style

Back to the prison and Dan tries to find ways so he decides to cut a part of his skin out and give it to Julie. Instead, Julie got a hold of him and Dan drops the grenade killing them both in the process. After seeing the explosion from the distance, Lynn and the others try to find to see if Arnold survived there but zombies shown up again and shooting spree happens before Kyle arrives by the gun and rescues them. They catching their breath in a street before Ashley can’t take anymore and decides to kill herself by… the trolley car going off by itself and exploded twice! By the way, Ashley is also two-months pregnant so yeah, that is really awkward.


They went to gather weapons in the police station and went to see if Arnold survived. He did survive and that’s before zombies show up yet again and really, how do they keep finding the humans? Marshall got infected and the only to have him saved is Arnold using the axe and cut his arm off (which I must say is bad-ass of French Stewart of all people), Marshall lived and they got vaccinated so they escape towards the helicopter and the movie ends with them getting out of San Francisco.


This movie is frickin’ nuts and I enjoyed the fun of it. The dialogue is cliché and hilarious, the story is the same even though it also goes into places and the casting of well-known actors is both odd and awesome at the same time. Really? You got Mariel Hemingway, LaVar Burton, Danny Trejo, French Stewart and Ethan Suplee. So if Nick decides to make an third zombie flick, here’s hoping for another My Name Is Earl cast member like Jason Lee or Jaime Presley will be in it.


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