Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2

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Here we are, Breaking Dawn Part 2. Well, I do feel a bit sad that after this, I have nothing to review that’s a love story between a human and a paranormal/supernatural figure while there’s love triangle and villains involved. Sure, it’s not a great story but it at least it gave a term that is “better love story than Twilight”. I am still not a fan of the franchise but I am not in the hate crowd at the same time and I did mention this before. Although, I do have to say this – why is this movie the only Twilight movie to win the “worst picture” category at the Razzies?


No really, I have to ask. With the exception of the first movie, all Twilight movies have gotten the nominations and this one took home seven awards instead of the one before this because of Jack And Jill. Uh, I wanted That’s My Boy to take home worst picture because that one deserved it. It’s a crazy world we are living in and it will go on that way. I don’t mind them taking other categories to be honest but I do need to get this off my chest.

Adam Sandler

Oh well, on to the movie then. So it begins as Bella Swan starts developing her new vampire powers and went on from speeding towards a climber who was thought to fall to catching a tiger from killing a deer. Also, remember that Bella punched Jacob a couple of movies ago? Well, there’s a pay off to that but he lives long enough to be forever “imprinted” to his daughter. Following Bella having her first vampire sex with Edward, Jacob decides to go to Charlie and tries to deliver news about Bella being a vampire but instead, he strips off in front of him and becomes a werewolf in front of him.

Charlie And Jacob

The movie speeds up a bit with Renesmee (Mackenzie Foy) going from CGI-induced baby to a normal seven-year-old child and begins developing her powers all with Irina (Maggie Grace) discovering her presence and quickly travels to Volturi HQ about the news. Alice then sees the vision and warns her family about the Volturi’s coming. They travel around to look for other vampires so they could testify that Renesmee is not an immortal which includes Garrett as played by Lee Pace… yeah, I did not know he’s in this movie.

Lee Pace

While nothing much happens for a while, there was a flashback involving The Volturi in a village including Jane (Dakota Fanning) throwing a baby to the fire. Later on, Bella leaves Renesmee with Charlie and his new girlfriend Sue Clearwater (Alex Rice) while Jacob protects them and probably the strangest thing happening to the whole franchise – she went to the city to meet up with J. Jenks (Wendell Pierce) and get a fake ID of her and others from him. Okay, I don’t know how Detective Bunk from The Wire appeared in this but this came out of nowhere.

Bella & Turk

Moving on and it’s the night before the battle as the vampires are having their fun in the bonfire which doesn’t happen much so I’m skipping it to the moment we have been waiting for – a conflict between good and evil. The Cullens and their vampire buddies are united with Jacob’s werewolf pack while The Volturi have gathered their own army. Aro decides to look at what Renesmee and well, you know what’s coming.

What do I say to this? That is really the most memorable thing to happen in the franchise and it’s gonna stuck in my head forever. I’m sorry if I halted the review but Michael Sheen’s hamminess makes me smile and laugh that I would have ended the review on that note but alas, we’re nearly to the end so what happens after that is Irina saw her family and decides to become good again but she instead got beheaded and burn to flames before Carlisle (Peter Facinelli) also bite the dust shortly after which then begins one of the most epic battles ever known (yes, I said it’s epic, so what?).

Battle Scene

Jane becomes werewolf food, some vampire gave us a Wilheim Scream and Edward and Bella killed Aro for good which then leads to the battle becoming all just a vision given by Alice. So really, the battle never happened, everybody besides Irina is saved and those two Romanian vampires got angry about this and runs away or something. The movie ends with Alice having a vision with Edward and Bella enjoying their live while Jacob and Renesmee are a couple and it rolls to the longest credit sequence ever which includes known actors from previous installments getting credited here. I am not kidding about that.

CreditsCredits 3Credits 2Credits 4Credits 5

Okay, of all the movies in the franchise, this one is really enjoyable even though it has issues as usual. I guess that it’s the one saved best for last and it really is worth checking out, there is a bit of padding but even those have moments. I might disagree with the fact that it won worst picture (again, That’s My Boy should have won) but I can agree that it doesn’t suck as much as the last movie. It is worth checking out even if you wanna make fun of it. Well, I have done it and there’s no more movies related to this franchise that I would look at in the future.


Happy Halloween everybody… I gonna go dressed as an Anonymous member or something.


The Hunger Games

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Seeing as next week is Halloween, I decide to go ahead and take on Breaking Dawn Part II because I have been putting this off for a while and the year is nearly over. But despite of that, I must tell you that I do tend to stuff that involves young teenage literature and other stuff that follows the Twilight phenomenon like The Mortal Instruments and Fifty Shades of Grey. I’m basically saying that because it’s not my thing to be honest. However, this is not one of them.


Actually, there’s also one bad reason which I’ll get to that near the end of this review. Now the good reason for this is because I like stories that takes place in a dystopian future where murder is considered a form of sport and entertainment like Battle Royale and The Running Man. Heck, people said this is basically a rip-off of Battle Royale itself and I don’t really care if it is, I’ve been reviewing movies that are rip-offs after all. So for me on The Hunger Games, it all depends if I’m fully in support of this or not so let’s jump to it anyway.

The movie focuses on Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) whom volunteers to be part of the game so she could let Primrose (Willow Shields) live instead since she’s originally chosen. She is joined by Peeta (Josh Hutchinson) and they became the District 12 contestants for the 74th Annual Hunger Games tournament. With the help of their mentor and former Hunger Games contestant Haymitch (Woody Harrelson) and stylist Cinna (Lenny Kravitz) so they can prepare to fight and survive the games.


The two also have to be considered a famous couple to the audience and publicity notices (after Peeta exposed that he has feelings for Katniss who has feelings for somebody else). After training and Katniss surprised the Gamemakers at shooting the apple where they are during the private sessions, the games then begins and the two have ways to survive up until they are left in the game. Originally, the rules have change and it’s up to one to survive but before they decide to end themselves with poisonous berries known as Nightlock, they instead both won the game which splits the people in charge in the tournament and their victory is the start of what’s to come.


Okay, this will come to surprise that I like this movie and I’m not kidding about this. The story is fine, the characters are good and the actors gave it their with Stanley Tucci, Donald Sutherland and Woody Harrelson in it. There is minor issues like the shaky cam sequence which I can understand given that the movie was intended for PG-13 audience but this was made during the time when everybody complained about shaky cam technique in movies. The other is Effie Trinket played by Elizabeth Banks. Personally, I don’t hate the character to be honest and I don’t mind the look of the character but at the same time, her look is strangely surreal and I can’t take my eyes off it.


Uh, I don’t cause any offense so let’s just move on before I became overly obsessed and went to McDonalds or something. Now you all might think the bad reason that I mentioned earlier is because of Catching Fire being released next month and that’s simply not the case. I do wanna see the movie anyway but the thing is that something else is releasing before this and I’m afraid to take on this but dammit, I already on the other five so yeah, I have to review this…

I would mention Michael Corleone’s famous line from The Godfather Part III but that would mean I’m referencing a line as a response to a piece of turds that already has too many references. Okay, It’s time to get on with Breaking Dawn Part II and see how it ends but first, I need a drink first.


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