Worst Of 2013

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On to my take on the worst of 2013 and I do have to say this – 2013 itself is a strange year. Now I’m not gonna say that this year sucks, there is of course good things about it and I already said my piece about it. But other than that, it was the year when Google and Microsoft comes off idiotic, a town in Russia just went by while a little meteor hits and Miley Cyrus nearly won Time’s Person of the Year poll. Yeah, it’s the year mostly remembered for the girl who gave “tweaking” a name we should have ignored. I sincerely hope 2014 is better than this but for now, let’s get on with this.

Worst Movie

Movie 43 – Now this movie is one complicated thing and it goes to the point when I say that I tried hard to review this piece of shit. I really do because I’ve seen two different cuts of it more than once. Prior to The Starving Games, this movie would have been my three-part review which the first two parts consists of various vignettes with one part containing the main storyline(s) part of the movie. But I gave up to the point of reviewing where I had to see there’s a minor incestuous joke involving Naomi Watts’ character and the son of her character.

From Hugh Jackman playing an ass-chin guy to Snooki reading Moby Dick to the worst reunion of The Dukes of Hazzard movie duo to even Fisher Stevens giving a performance that makes his “Racist Indian Guy” character in Short Circuit looked realistic by comparison. But I do give at least one good thing about the movie – James Gunn’s short Beezel. It is of course James Gunn’s dark humorous stuff as usual and worth checking out… that is if you stayed during the ending credits. Yeah, this movie is so bad that people walked out without seeing an animated cut gone psycho on Elizabeth Banks.

Worst TV Show

Dexter – Okay, before I go with this. This show shouldn’t be on the list since I liked the show and the final season is okay but when it comes to how the show ended, yeah. The ending involving Dexter killing his sister who’s in vegetable state, faking his death and remaining as a lumberjack and his son will forever be raised by is a fucking dumb way to end the show, period. The finale to Seinfeld was okay, The finale to The Sopranos is puzzled but I can take it and the ending to Lost is a bit nonsensical but it’s a show that has nonsense left and right anyway so whatever, it’s a better ending than this. In fact, the novels that is based on doesn’t end like that since it’s still going. Yeah, Dexter novel series hasn’t ended… uh, I think.

Worst Albums

#willpower by will.i.am – Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to will.i.am, the influential alternative hip-hop artist and the award-winning frontman of the most famous group that is Black Eyed Peas…

…Sorry but seriously, how embarrassing is it that he remixed the Entertainment Tonight theme while dancing on the screen. It’s sad and hilarious at the same time. Other than that, this album is lazy and terrible and it begs my mind on why he went from Joints and Jam to Scream and Shout. What the fuck happened to him? He used to be good until the heinous sample nightmare that is Dirty Bit (Time Of Your Life).

Now there is two singles released a year prior and one of which is the abomination that is Scream And Shout. That song sucks and I say the same for #thatPOWER. will.i.am mentioned that he makes music for the internet and here’s the thing – it’s been done. Ever heard of Jonathan Coulton, Lindsey Stirling and Rebecca Black? They got famous for music on the internet rather than the official music charts and done it right so yeah, I think it’s best to go back to your music roots but I’m sure you don’t have a sense of care. Oh, and speaking of which, his original album title was Black Einstein… uh, no, will.i.am, you’re nothing like the man. Uh, stop dreaming that you’re in 3008 and start living the times man.

Worst Song

Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus – I never liked Miley Cyrus to begin with. When she was Hannah Montana, she was a good role model to teenagers at that time. But when she ditched the persona and go insane like bald Britney Spears, I wish the South Park harvest thing was for real because it makes me hate her for life and this song is no exception. This is a confusing way to make a break-up song and I don’t know what she is thinking.

The best part is few open letters to Sinead O’Connor and I’m not a fan of her but she is correct on things she said towards Miley who’s behaving badly for a while so I have to side with the one who does a cover of Prince’s song and not the one who combined hip-hop with country badly in a movie once. If 2014 is Miley Cyrus free, then I’ll be happy but at this moment, I’m not so if only Miley should look at the mirror and think of something better for herself.

Worst Comic Book

Justice League 3000 – Now given that I only read the first issue of this since that’s the only issue that came out this year but before I read it, I think this is one of the worst ideas DC Comics has ever presented. This is the comic that gives a middle finger to Legion of Super-Heroes fanbase and wanted money to the ones who’s into The New 52. And the first issue revealed that the JLA of the future are just clones with Wonder Twins giving the worst reinvention I ever seen.

And to top it all, the version of Superman in this comic is more worst than the Wonder Twins and it gives further good proof that Superdickery still exists. He has the worst look, the lousy costume and an attitude that makes me grumpy. In fact, the version of the hero that’s depicted in Man of Steel is more of a Superman than this guy and it’s a better hero than him. Yeah, I said it, the one who snapped Zod’s neck and caused chaos in Metropolis and Smallville is more of heroic figure than the one who thinks Jersey Shore is an Beatles album. But will it still be the worst comic in 2014, it depends but it’s not a good start so far.

Uh, I ranted much on those enough. 2013 is indeed a surreal year and should be kinda forgotten so anybody out there, I hope you have a great 2014 so here’s a merry one from me. Also, I can’t think of a theme month this January so it depends what comes up next.

UPDATE (25th January 2014): I thought of this “theme month” idea for weeks now and it all comes to this – an month full of me taking on remakes, reboots and re-adaptations. However, I’m moving this theme month to March due to the fact that one of the reviews I had written for is a movie so recent that it’s not on the home media format until that month (plus I know good suitable screencaps for this that’s not even on Google Images at this time).


Best Of 2013

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Well, call me Captain Cliché when I say this but it is that time of the year again where I present the best and worst of this year. And I may as well split those two up into separate articles since there is bunch of stuff I seen and heard this year.

Best Movies

Anchorman: The Legend Continues – I’m not much a Will Ferrell fan to be honest and he did have few good performances but nothing can top the character that is Ron Burgundy. This is surprisingly a year for the newscaster when even Will played Ron in few actual news programs recently, now that is top notched. As for the movie, it’s over-the-top and insane and I love every minute of it. I won’t spoil much but let’s just say that a sequence from the first movie is redone for this during the third act but it’s a redo that’s up to 11 because it’s the most WTF thing I’ve seen in a Will Ferrell movie right down to Brick Tamland’s weapon of choice. Oh, you all have to see this movie even if you don’t like the comedian, trust me on this.

Iron Man 3 – Ever wondered to see Shane Black add a little festive season with the armored avenger? Well, here’s Iron Man 3: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang II. Okay, that is an obvious joke there but this movie is awesome and I can dig the twist involving it even if that caused an uproar in the fanbase recently. Robert is an awesome hero as usual while Guy Pierce and Ben Kingsley throws one of their best performances in years. Also, William Sadler as the president with Miguel Ferrer as his vice president buddy? Now that’s the kinda 80s nostalgia thing to have my mind blown so awesome casting there.

Pacific Rim – Oh Guillermo Del Toro, thank you for bringing a better live-action movie about giant robots than Michael Bay’s Transformers series. Okay, I liked this movie and it delivers very good performances from Charlie Hunnam, Idris Elba, Charlie Day and Ron Perlman. Heck, Burn Gorman is in this so about time he went from that guy from Torchwood to possibly one of the biggest names in Hollywood (well, not really but he’s getting there). Other than that, the movie is really stunning in terms of visuals and the story is told well so yeah, I’m glad to see this even after the 2012 mayan apocalypse has been cancelled.

Sharknado + The Way, Way Back + This Is The End – I already mention enough about this in the review and I still like those movies enough to put it in the list so check it there.

Sound City – It is about time I put a documentary here and it’s the one that truly rocks. This is a very good informative history of a studio that gave way to Nirvana’s Nevermind and Johnny Cash’s American Recordings with commentaries from musicians about their days there. And as an added bonus, we get to see a bit of performances that is later heard in the soundtrack. I’m an Foo Fighters fan since their start in music and Dave Grohl did direct the heck out of it. If you never seen it, do check it out and get the soundtrack as well.

Star Trek: Into Darkness – Yeah, I said it. I liked Star Trek: Into Darkness despite what everybody has said. I honestly don’t get the notion of trekkies have voted this as the worst Star Trek movie in the franchise (mainly because Turkish Star Trek is non-official or something) but I get that it’s a minor redo of The Wrath of Khan with Benedict playing a character that caused a bit of controversy in terms of being “whitewashed” but keep in mind, it’s explained in Star Trek: Khan comic mini-series… even though that’s more part of “expanded universe” canon (or an alternate “expanded universe” since the reboot takes place in a different continuity). Still, I like this movie and will defend the fuck out of it no matter of what it said.

The World’s End – It may be not be like Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz but it is a fitting end to Edgar Wright’s Cornetto Trilogy. I like this movie despite minor issues involving it and am okay with Edgar and his buddies poking fun at “Social Science Fiction” genre with alcohol involving it. And really, it must be a better movie involving drinks than The Hangover Part III or uh, Best Night Ever. I can’t believe I have to see that crap soon but anyway, this movie is awesome.

Thor: The Dark World – So with Kenneth Branagh being replaced by the guy who brought us The Emperor’s New Clothes, did the sequel somehow deliver? It did and it never went to the faults of an Marvel Cinematic Universe sequel like Iron Man 2 did (which I liked and also don’t get the hate for). While Christopher Eccleston did try to play an Marvel villain, that’s all there is – he tried but other than him, it really is the Loki and Thor show since Tom Hiddleston did steal the performance in this movie (along with Stellan Skarsgård who also steals the show). Oh, and Kat Dennings is in this movie as her usual self – being annoying while also attractive at the same time.

Best Albums

Reflektor By Arcade Fire – Other than the awesomeness that is the title track, the album is fun to listen to but it is not like their previous works. I get that bands are developing new sounds and sometimes it can be good development (like Radiohead’s Kid A) and sometimes it failed (like Korn’s The Path To Totality). This is a good part of it and I do expect more from them in the future.

Random Access Memories By Daft Punk – They’ve come too far to not give up who they are. This album probably beats them all in the list. Now prior to this album, I considered One More Time from their Discovery album to be one of the best songs I ever heard. Now with Get Lucky, Lose Yourself To Dance, Touch, Instant Touch and so on, I can’t choose. This is possibly their zeigeist moment and I do hope they would go on like this on their next album. Oh, and the Eastenders “children in need” cover of Get Lucky is a dumb rip-off of PV Nova’s own chronological cover (the video is below in case you haven’t heard it). Why Eastenders why? Uh, never watched that show anyway.

The Next Day By David Bowie – Probably the most unexpected comeback I heard in a long while and really, it’s David Bowie. This album is generally awesome and a step up from Reality. I dig the fact that it’s reissued later with few more tracks that’s here and there and also, using the cover of Heroes and update it with white box and crossed lines, only Bowie is the one who can do it. Also, everybody use a do a Bowie” rather than “do a Beyoncé” everytime an artist makes a unexpected surprise release, he did it first after all so give him a credit.

Hesitation Marks By Nine Inch Nails – First comes Bowie with a comeback then comes Daft Punk whom triumphs the audience so what about Trent Reznor’s return to the group as well? Well, it’s a good album and a sort-of sequel to The Downward Spiral. It also has the unexpected thing he ever did and that is the song Everything which is in spirit to 80s new wave music which is nice (but then again, Trent was in few new wave groups Option 30 and The Innocent before he got famous so yeah, he does know the genre). Also, Welcome Oblivion by How To Destroy Angels is a good album as well and worth checking out.

Best Single

My Way By Christopher Lee – What? I put this instead of the other musicians I mentioned in the list. Now this cover was originally done back in Christopher’s own Revelations album back in 2006 but him bringing it back for Christmas… wow, this might be the best cover that I have ever heard… period. Who could top this take on Paul Anka’s classic that is sung by the man who played Dracula more than once? Nobody at this point, not even Sinatra, Sid Vicious and Gary Oldman (which is funny given that Gary is doing a cover of a cover of a cover of this song in that extent). Christopher Lee, you are one badass to win music this year and you did it your way so bravo.

Best Television Show

Arrested Development – I’m a fan of this show through and through and am excited by its long-awaited return even if its return is with Netflix first. Yeah, there is a bit of difference between this and the previous three seasons in terms of narrative but the show still has its Midas touch right down to Ron Howard sending himself up, Michael Cera throwing a parody of The Social Network there and Will Arnett’s performance being funnier than ever (shame that his material outside of this show and 30 Rock is less than stellar though). Cannot wait for more hopefully so welcome back Bluths.

Best Comic Book

The Star Wars – Yes, it’s Star Wars with “the” in the title and there is a good explanation. This mini-series is an adaptation of George Lucas’ original draft script which is both similar and different to the final product and I don’t know why this idea hasn’t been done until recently. This comic is pretty good to check out and see what might have been. Dammit, I wanted more like this so DC, make an adaptation of Kevin Smith’s Superman Lives in comic form and IDW, contact Terry Gilliam for that unproduced sequel to Time Bandits. Anyway, The Star Wars is worth checking out anyway.

Well, it’s all the time I have for. Come back tomorrow where I look at the bottom of the barrel with stuff I hope to forget in the future. See ya there.

A Good Day To Die Hard

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When it comes to Christmas, Die Hard is and will forever be one of the movies that is best watched during the festive season. It’s been on lists of best movies about the holiday (and possibly the first sequel as well) and even popped up in IMDB Top 250 of greatest movies ever. But when it comes to Die Hard With A Vengeance and Live Free Or Die Hard, it indeed doesn’t take place on Christmas like the first two but it’s also good and watchable.

And this year, I decide to give a try on watching what might be considered to many as the worst of the franchise – A Good Day To Die Hard. But it’s not the theatrical cut that is already been blasted by critics and audiences alike, I’m instead taking a look at the so-called “Harder Extended Cut” of the movie. Okay, I don’t mind the factor when movies are released in an alternate version of the DVD and Blu-Ray but I do mind when they not add words like “Harder” in extended/director’s cut to make it extreme and hardcore.

Running Time
John McClane (Bruce Willis) decides to go on a “vacation” to Russia but he’s actually rescuing his son Jack (Jai Courtney) who’s been imprisoned in Moscow for murder. However, shit breaks loose and it leads John and Jack to save Yuri (Sebastian Koch) while retrieving a file that might expose secrets that could cause a forthcoming war happening. After few twists and turns involving the characters along with action-packed scenes, John and Jack survives the movie and we all know that’s coming a mile away when even the end of one of theatrical trailers spoiled it.

Spoiler Alert
Okay, to be honest. As an action movie, it would be watchable at least once and became forgetting afterwards. As a Die Hard sequel however… it’s really bad and I don’t know how the fuck it’s made this way. Maybe it’s because it’s the first movie in the franchise that’s not loosely based on any sort of source material but it’s not, it’s just playing as a dumb generic action flick where Bruce is playing a title character that’s more of a supporting character than a lead protagonist. Don’t get me wrong about Jai though, he did do a good job as a hero and he’s an alright actor but when it’s a movie with “Die Hard” in the title, it’s supposed to be about John McClane being in a wrong place at the wrong time, not the right place at a right time.


And speaking of which, I do hear that Bruce is not much into starring in action movies anymore which makes me think of why he looks tired. Then again, he got booted off The Expendables 3 because he wants more money (which Stallone himself tweeted about it) so I think I know why he’s in this mess of a movie. As for anything else, the storyline is lame, the jokes are flat (seriously? Like your mother’s cooking?) and the characters are one-dimensional and bland. There’s also Shaky Cams and a bit of Lens Flare involved even though it’s so unnecessary. Uh… I do say one good thing though – it has the funniest antagonist death scene near the end.

Death Scene

If there is somebody to blame for this, it’s director John Moore whose resume includes a remake of Flight of the Phoenix, a remake of The Omen and a confusing adaptation of Max Payne. Yeah, good idea for him to direct this movie instead of… somebody who makes few good movies! I would say the same for Skip Woods due to his scriptwriting skills as well and he did direct only one movie – Thursday – which is an good directorial debut in my opinion. Why did he stop directing and go to writing crap like Hitman and X-Men Origins: Wolverine? Really, what the fuck? I’m sorry for coming off grouchy but even though I wrote this review, it seems like a mistake publishing this. Honestly, I was about to review The Asylum’s Bone Alone but let’s just say somebody calls dibs on it… hmm, that would had been good but instead, it’s down to this movie. This has not been a great Christmas.

Bone Alone

Seltzerberg-A-Thon Mark II: The Starving Games (Part 2)

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On to the second part of the review now so no time ranting on something else. So Kantmiss is then hiding for her life by trying to climb up the tree… before she sees a ladder standing next to it! Visual Humor, you’re doing it wrong. But she got discovered by other players and is in danger while a streaker interrupts the game (don’t ask). She then sees Rudy (Eryn L. Davis), the other contestant hiding in the tree and Rudy points to the beehives above her so Kantmiss uses the chainsaw and gets it dropped into her instead of the players below. She survives but not before getting herself high from the beehives enough to become an Na’Vi.

James Cameron
Rudy then slapped Kantmiss few times and she becomes herself again but oh no, other contestants appear and as Rudy runs off, it’s her alone the group so what does she do? She decides to go all “Super Detailed Fight Narration” on us. Okay, I can see this as a parody of Sherlock Holmes of course but there is something missing like uh, Sherlock Holmes himself (and Dr John Watson). I hate to imagine somebody who has never seen Sherlock Holmes (and its sequel) going to this and get confused so fuck it, this might as well be the worst referential humor I ever seen so congrats Seltzer and Friedberg, you made a joke so bad that you two failed to explain the source material that you’re spoofing.

Boo These Directors
Following that, Marco caught Kantmiss and is about to stab her in the neck but the game has an halftime break. Yes, a game that involves people killing each other has a short break to rest and live for a little while. And what kind of halftime break is it? Well, it has clip show highlights that padded out the movie, twitter tweets that padded out the movie and dancing cheerleaders with pointy nipples that padded out the movie. The game is back on and Rudy then died but before she goes away, Taylor Swift appears singing about her death.

Taylor Swift
Meanwhile on District 12, Dale decides that he and his people decide to riot out after watching the game until a food commercial appeared and they all hunger for the food that could easily killed them more than Heart Attack Burger. The riot idea is then left forgotten and it goes to Kantmiss finding Peter hiding inside a cake… joy. They then finds a cave and stay there for a while but with tricks delivered by Seleca, Kantmiss and Peter gets it on and shag each other. It got Dale angry enough to gatecrash the game while the townspeople just stay and watch the fuckfest live in 3D (yeah, that 3D gag that was used in the trailer was meant for this instead of the Avatar sequence).

The game is near its end as Marco goes around the circle of a single tree with Kantmiss and Peter just two seconds behind him (well, it’s a joke so bad that it only works in an Looney Tunes cartoon). Marco caught them and the bloodshed is about to happen but The Expendables appeared and makes some shooting. And like all pointless parodied character, they die as Dale appears behind them and shoots it out with his own bullets. Kantmiss got angry on Dale’s appearance that she wants him to go away and he did. As for Peter, he is caught in the neck by Marco so Kantmiss decides to shoot him with a baguette instead of an arrow.

And it worked, Marco died by an baguette going towards his eye so it’s only two left so they win. Oh wait, the rules have suddenly change so as usual one of them has to die and Peter delivers his poisoned berries… which instead of them surviving like in the source material, Kantmiss kills him in cold blood. Yeah, you read it right so no imaginary sequel for Peter. The movie fades out and then fades back in with The Avengers making a pop culture reference joke cameo (and if you seen the trailer, you know they died so that’s that plus it’s obvious that Seltzer and Friedberg hates superhero movies so much that they keep killing any of them in their movies so that’s predictable and lame). The movie then has five minutes worth of blooper reel and finally finishes.

As usual, this movie sucks and is not worth checking out. Besides the referential part of the humor, other forms were used in a lame way and is not funny plus it’s filled with few parts of homophobic overtones, a bit of racism and a whole bunch of sexist jokes. These are the kind of guys who thinks Daniel Tosh is the king of comedy by making an rape joke towards one of the audience members.


And speaking of which, Product Placement is also used for humor especially when it comes to Seleca’s facial hair to sport an Starbucks and McDonalds brands but at least it’s not as glorified as the battle scene in The Man of Steel. The acting is bland and lame but they’re tried. The story is brief and crap. And whatever, you know how the shit goes. Now, given that their next movie Best Night Ever is releasing on iTunes this Boxing Day, I’m actually saving that one for sometime early next year so instead, I’m going to check some good stuff.

Seltzerberg-A-Thon Mark II: The Starving Games (Part 1)

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Well we meet again, Seltzer and Friedberg. It’s been close to two years since I reviewed your last movie and I do have to wonder – how are you still making movies? Okay, I’ll stop with the “me talking to two people I haven’t met” schtick but the question however remains. And this is me coming off honestly but I actually wanna interview them and not in the “Zach Galifianakis bitch slapped Justin Bieber” kind of way. Just an interview involving their career, hobbies, goals and why are they reclusive and hated by critics and audiences alike because really, the only proof of their existence is an audio commentary and DVD special features.

It may not happen anyway so there’s not point to it but what would happen is that I’m gonna give this an two-part review because for an 82 minute movie, it is long to talk about. But first, I found something interesting so allow me to introduce Rick Friedberg. Now unlike the douchebag duo, Rick has an less-negativity when it comes to directing. Besides Spy Hard, he also directed two Bad Golf videos starring the late, great Leslie Nielsen and few other stuff that’s not really anger-filled to me. He may be a passable director but he is also to blame for giving his son Jason and Jason’s buddy Aaron a career that should never be.

Rick Friedberg

Okay, on to the movie and it begins with Kantmiss (Maiara Walsh) who is hunting for food in the forest but as she is about to shoot one with one of her arrows, Dale (Brant Daugherty) jump scares her enough that she hits Oz, the great and powerful (and also the first pop culture joke reference in the movie). After hearing the announcements, the two walk back to their village while she mentioned that the contestants can get out of the game by injuring and maimed themselves. Dale mentioned it’s an urban legend but then it cuts to people to do exactly that. Kantmiss then meets up with her sister Petunia (Kennedy Hermansen) and their mother. By the way, there’s something about Kantmiss and Petunia’s mother that is somewhat puzzled. Just look at her below.


Over at the reaping, a PSA involving President Snowball (Diedrich Bader) plays and it really is useless to watch. It goes from the part about Mel Gibson being his only Facebook friend to him seeing The Running Man and Battle Royale that inspired him to set up The Starving Games. Effoff (Lauren Bowles) then appears to check the lottery and if you seen the trailer, you know she said “Hugh Janus” but she also uses other names for comedy effect. As usual, Petunia got selected and Kantmiss cheers but then Petunia does the “puppy dog eyes” trick that makes her volunteer. Peter (Cody Christian) then volunteers himself because well, you read the novel or see the movie so the reason is obvious.

Gaga & Minaj
We then cut to Snowball talking to Seleca (Dean J. West) about the game while he kills a mexican  gardener stereotype at the same time and that’s just it. Now on to the show as hosted by Stanley Caesarman (Chris Marroy and yes, they decide to go with Stanley Tucci’s first name so that’s pretty lame) and let’s see – Peter faking his love announcement to Marco (Ross Wyngaarden) instead of Kantmiss, she meets Cinnamon (Juhahn Jones) who only appears in one scene and yeah, her dress has lit on fire.

And guess what? After the show, we suddenly cut to the actual game itself and on the 20 minute mark of the movie no less. Oh yeah, fuck all that character development shit and forget about Haymitch Abernathy because he’s not parodied here. Instead, he got replaced by two television announcers – Bob Hylox (Michael Hartson) and Cleaver Williams (Theodore Crane) and oh, let me tell you about Cleaver because he’s a one-time Starving Games champion who delivers a death stare to all the viewers. So overall, this movie is only about the game. Whoo, about time… Okay, I was sarcastic so moving on.

And as the game is about to begin, LMFAO appeared so the directors do know that this idiotic pop group broke up last year, right? Oh well, they died anyway and the contestants decides to get weapons – all while Peter runs away screaming. Kantmiss is about to get her backpack but some girl wants it enough that she got stabbed with two daggers and having a bottom half of her body cut off. I don’t know if I call this an rip-off to that “Just A Flesh Wound” gag from Monty Python And The Holy Grail but seeing as she’s a bit alive, I’m gonna go with that.

Kantmiss escaped from the contestants (and a camera crew maybe because it might possibly be a parody of the shakey cam technique but I’m not entirely sure anymore) but as Seleca watches and controls the game, he decides to put an order on releasing weapons that targeted specifically on her so first, we have falling burning rocks but her backpack has a fire extinguisher so that plan is pointless. And then comes an Angry Birds being parodied but she can easily kill them so that failed. And lastly, An Annoying Orange appeared telling dumb jokes which leads to him being stepped by Kantmiss. Nice order, Seleca.

Annoying Orange

Okay, I gonna cut it there but stay tuned as I get to stuff like how Kantmiss became an Na’vi, what’s the deal with The Expendables and The Avengers and ending that’ll easily piss the fanbase of The Hunger Games off (and makes “How The Hunger Games Should Have Ended” video look epic by comparison). And really, I actually cover under a half hour worth of content here. Again, I reviewed the first half hour of the movie so how I survive this is beyond me.

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