A Good Day To Die Hard

December 26, 2013 § Leave a comment

When it comes to Christmas, Die Hard is and will forever be one of the movies that is best watched during the festive season. It’s been on lists of best movies about the holiday (and possibly the first sequel as well) and even popped up in IMDB Top 250 of greatest movies ever. But when it comes to Die Hard With A Vengeance and Live Free Or Die Hard, it indeed doesn’t take place on Christmas like the first two but it’s also good and watchable.

And this year, I decide to give a try on watching what might be considered to many as the worst of the franchise – A Good Day To Die Hard. But it’s not the theatrical cut that is already been blasted by critics and audiences alike, I’m instead taking a look at the so-called “Harder Extended Cut” of the movie. Okay, I don’t mind the factor when movies are released in an alternate version of the DVD and Blu-Ray but I do mind when they not add words like “Harder” in extended/director’s cut to make it extreme and hardcore.

Running Time
John McClane (Bruce Willis) decides to go on a “vacation” to Russia but he’s actually rescuing his son Jack (Jai Courtney) who’s been imprisoned in Moscow for murder. However, shit breaks loose and it leads John and Jack to save Yuri (Sebastian Koch) while retrieving a file that might expose secrets that could cause a forthcoming war happening. After few twists and turns involving the characters along with action-packed scenes, John and Jack survives the movie and we all know that’s coming a mile away when even the end of one of theatrical trailers spoiled it.

Spoiler Alert
Okay, to be honest. As an action movie, it would be watchable at least once and became forgetting afterwards. As a Die Hard sequel however… it’s really bad and I don’t know how the fuck it’s made this way. Maybe it’s because it’s the first movie in the franchise that’s not loosely based on any sort of source material but it’s not, it’s just playing as a dumb generic action flick where Bruce is playing a title character that’s more of a supporting character than a lead protagonist. Don’t get me wrong about Jai though, he did do a good job as a hero and he’s an alright actor but when it’s a movie with “Die Hard” in the title, it’s supposed to be about John McClane being in a wrong place at the wrong time, not the right place at a right time.


And speaking of which, I do hear that Bruce is not much into starring in action movies anymore which makes me think of why he looks tired. Then again, he got booted off The Expendables 3 because he wants more money (which Stallone himself tweeted about it) so I think I know why he’s in this mess of a movie. As for anything else, the storyline is lame, the jokes are flat (seriously? Like your mother’s cooking?) and the characters are one-dimensional and bland. There’s also Shaky Cams and a bit of Lens Flare involved even though it’s so unnecessary. Uh… I do say one good thing though – it has the funniest antagonist death scene near the end.

Death Scene

If there is somebody to blame for this, it’s director John Moore whose resume includes a remake of Flight of the Phoenix, a remake of The Omen and a confusing adaptation of Max Payne. Yeah, good idea for him to direct this movie instead of… somebody who makes few good movies! I would say the same for Skip Woods due to his scriptwriting skills as well and he did direct only one movie – Thursday – which is an good directorial debut in my opinion. Why did he stop directing and go to writing crap like Hitman and X-Men Origins: Wolverine? Really, what the fuck? I’m sorry for coming off grouchy but even though I wrote this review, it seems like a mistake publishing this. Honestly, I was about to review The Asylum’s Bone Alone but let’s just say somebody calls dibs on it… hmm, that would had been good but instead, it’s down to this movie. This has not been a great Christmas.

Bone Alone


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