RoboCopOut Month: Lady Battle Cop

March 5, 2014 § Leave a comment


Well, here we are with the start of RoboCopOut Month, where I take a look at nothing but rip-offs and mockbusters to one of the best movies to come out in the eighties (and remade recently as well). Now I did mention that I was originally gonna do a month of horrible remakes and such but there is time for those any of those movies to be reviewed. Also, the original plan for the theme month itself stems from the remake to RoboCop since I know that it either sucks or will divide the audience. So now, I decide to start it off with 1990’s obscure classic that is Lady Battle Cop and see if a woman does a good job as a cybernetic police officer.


First a little fact on director Akihisa Okamoto and going by IMDB filmography, this is the last movie he directed. Granted, he is listed with six other movies in his credit but here’s the strange thing – those previous movies he directed (or assisted directed) were released in the mid-to-late 1970s. Lady Battle Cop however came out in 1990. And I did look up other places on the guy and yeah, it says pretty much the same thing and that’s how it goes. It is strange that for a person who did few films in the age of Disco come back for one more film a bit over a decade later. I mean, who does that really?


The movie takes place in Neo Tokyo as the city are getting noticed by a terrorist organization known as The Cartel as owned by Henry Ohba who also goes by as The Phantom. At that time, Kaoru Mikoshiba (Azusa Nakamura) is a tennis champion whom along with her two friends – scientist Naoya and police detective Sanjo – got involved in an attack at the laboratory base by The Cartel along with an telekinetic brute-like android known simply as Amadeus. Sanjo escapes thinking the two have died. Cut to six months later and he is now down on his luck with The Cartel winning the crime war and police officers left and right either losing it or getting fired including Mr. Yoda.

Mr Yoda

Sanjo however wants it to end and then got caught up with The Cartel but then, a hero rises known as Lady Battle Cop who took them down one by one in any way possible. Sanjo later realizes that Kaoru is the mechanic avenger herself and wants to see her face before he himself died at the hands of Amadeus who was impaired by a metal but still walking angrily. Kaoru killed him and decides to get to the big boss whom actually killed himself so yeah, she kinda wins by not killing the big boss and the movie ends on a sequel hook note for some reason.

Sequel Hook

The movie is honestly good and worth tracking down. While it has not much satire or commentary, it is action packed and there’s a bit of humor in there. Few notable things I could say about it is I think it’s also kinda a little homage to Akira since it both takes place in near future Neo Tokyo and both has a character with massive telekinetic powers (even if Tetsuo, a character in Akira is human instead of android).


Another is that one of the members of The Cartel is really an African American dude who only speaks English and I honestly find it clever that they went on to do that. The only flaw on this movie is the whereabouts of Naoya following the incident since after he saves Kaoru and revitalise her as the title character, he flat-out disappeared without any resolution and I don’t know if he lives or not to be honest.


Other than that, do get this movie even if it’s hard-to-find (even with english subtitles) and it goes prove that even a tennis player can kick some asses in a metal suit even if the tennis player is a he or a she. Hmm, now I’m thinking of John McEnroe as that… with Adam Sandler involved. Eh, that’s an unthinkable kind of imagery so let’s just ignore that.


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