RoboCopOut Month: Cyborg Cop

March 14, 2014 § Leave a comment


Continuing the RoboCopOut Month, we jump to the movie that serves as a reason why I decide to do this. Just recently, I brought SFX’s Complete Guide to RoboCop special because really, a magazine dedicated to the original movies and television series (and the remake) is enough to say “I’ll buy that for a dollar”. And in this special, Cyborg Cop is literally the only knockoff to have an article of its own as well as the only one mentioned. Yeah, this movie and not R.O.T.O.R. or Kickboxer RoboCop amongst others. Also, SFX is the only publication to give a positive review back when the movie was released and is said to be described as “one of the all-time great straight to video action flicks”.


Now this movie is directed by Sam Firstenberg and he really doesn’t need any introduction. Why do I say this? He’s the guy who brought us Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo so yeah, this is the guy who made a movie with the subtitle that became a running joke to other bad sequels. Given that Sam also made Cyborg Cop 2, maybe he needed that “Electric Boogaloo” subtitle in this movie as well but instead, it goes by an alternate title that is Cyborg Soldier instead. He is also known for few 1980s Cannon Film classics like American Ninja for example so it is about time I’m reviewing a movie that’s made by one who worked with Golan and Globus… years before this movie is made! Eh, close enough.

Alternate Titles
The movie revolves around former police officer Jack Ryan (David Bradley) whom after losing his job for killing an publisher’s son who’s gone insane, decides to go to St. Keith Island to search for his brother Philip (Todd Jensen). Unknowingly, Philip is one of the soldiers whose purpose is to stop crime-lord Kessel (John Rhys-Davies) and while other soldiers are killed, he’s the only one left alive until he saw Kessel’s cyborg henchmen Quincy (Rufus Swart). Philip is subjected to Kessel’s cyborg experiment as he became… a missing member of Kraftwerk!

Cyborg Cop
As Jack got into the island, he bumped into news reporter Cathy (Alonna Shaw) a few times enough that she became his love interest instantly. He searches for his brother’s whereabouts from a club with a music band playing to a mortuary that’s owned by a rastafarian mortician known as… Rastaman (Kurt Egelhof)! Oh, and he’s a comic relief character so yeah, he’s now part of the storyline now. And then, Jack, Cathy and Rastaman got involved in massive shootout in the mogue by Quincy and all except Cathy escaped before the two got caught by Captain Hogan (Anthony Fridjhon) and his police squad. Jack later tricked Hogan by leaving him, Rastaman and some police officer in the streets while taking the car to Kessel’s domain and rescue his brother and Cathy. Oh, and Rastaman convinces Hogan to go against Kessel.

At Kessel’s base, Philip became active and suddenly recognizes Jack that the brothers reunite and take down Kessel and his posse. Philip sacrifices his life battling against Quincy and Kessel got shot in the head. The movie ends with heroes winning and… abruptly cutting to Jack, Cathy and a kid going to the car and that’s about it. Now Jack will return for the sequel of course but not Cyborg Cop 3 so I might look into the two soon enough. Other than that, this movie is pretty good as a knockoff to Universal Soldier but it’s hardly a knockoff to RoboCop.

John Rhys-Davies
It’s a cheesy 90s action flick through and through and worth watching it for fun. David Bradley did an alright job as the hero while John Rhys-Davies hamming it up as the villain (he even uses a toy plane that explodes as a weapon in the start of the movie). He says lines that is so ridiculous that I wish was heard in an episode of Sliders and even has his own villain speech that is okay but overall ridiculous as well. The other actors did alright, even Kurt which puzzles me to why his character is part of this movie. It’s worth checking out really but it’s not “one of the all-time great straight to video action flicks”, it is a good movie but not in that league to be honest.


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